Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy. We conduct valuations and analytical assignments for branded enterprises and branded business. We value brands, intangible assets and intellectual property in many jurisdictions for accounting, tax, corporate finance and marketing purposes.

Brand Valuation

Brand Finance uses one or more of three widely recognised Approaches to valuing brands, depending on the circumstances of the particular assignment.  Compliant with both IVSC and ISO standards we may apply a Market Approach, which determines value by benchmarking against transactions involving similar brands which may have been bought or sold.  Or we may apply a Cost Approach, which determines value by considering the cost to recreate a brand of equivalent economic utility. But more commonly we apply the Income Approach, which estimates the value of future income attributable to the brand and expresses this as a Net Present Value.  Within the Income Approach the most common method used for finance and tax brand valuations is the Royalty Relief method because it is transparent, based on commercial practice and is  more verifiable for audit and legal purposes.  However, we also frequently use the price premium, volume premium, margin uplift, cost savings, economic substitution and income split methods when appropriate.  

Our understanding of your business, the data available, and our technical expertise ensure that your brand will be robustly valued, using the most appropriate Approaches and Methods, whatever the circumstances.

Specific Offerings

  • Product Brand Valuation
  • Corporate Brand Valuation

Branded Business Valuation

Branded business value (BBV) is the value of the entire business operating under a particular set of trademarks and associated intellectual property. Typically determining a BBV is the first step in a brand valuation exercise as calculating a brand value alone can lead to a narrow assessment of the impact that brand has on a business. BBVs give us a greater understanding of the business value as a whole as a starting point for more accurate valuations of the individual intangible assets, including brands.

Specific Offerings

  • Branded Business Valuations 

Financial Reporting

We have considerable experience in conducting post-acquisition purchase price allocations and impairment reviews on specific intangibles, for financial reporting purposes. Such exercises require comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the appropriate standards, and (in terms of audit approval) often benefit from the assurance of being conducted by a 3rd party.

Specific Offerings

  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Impairment Reviews 
  • Investor Relations

Intangible Asset Valuation

Brand Finance is an international leader in the valuation of intangible assets. A high level of technical understanding and expertise is applied in determining the most appropriate Approaches and Methods to arrive at a reliable valuation, given the unique nature of each intangible asset.

Specific Offerings

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Patent / R&D / Technology Valuation
  • Database Valuation
  • Website Valuation
  • Copyright Valuation

Legal Support

We work closely with clients, internal and external counsel and courts to provide clear and objective expert reports relating to complex brand valuation and licensing issues.  We have frequently advised clients on the issues and assisted with mediation, arbitration and litigation.  Often the most satisfactory conclusion to a dispute is to reach a compromise in mediation or pre-court settlement. We assist all parties to understand the data, assumptions, technical valuation issues and risks under each of several scenarios.  We help to protect the commercial value of brands through a range of licensing and trademark disputes that have been settled both in and out of court.

Specific Offerings

  • Loss or Damage Assessment
  • Expert Witness

Tax Valuation

The growing importance of intangible assets has significant tax planning implications. Brand Finance works for both fiscal authorities and brand owners on transfer pricing and capital gains tax issues. The Brand Finance team is expert at understanding and explaining the tax benefits and the implications of differing internal and external licensing strategies. We have experience in determining appropriate arms-length royalty payments between subsidiaries, and have assisted several companies in setting up bespoke IP holding companies, which own, manage and licence out brands and other IP to the rest of their organisations.

Specific Offerings

  • Tax Valuation
  • Transfer and Advance Pricing
  • Brand / IP Holding Companies

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