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Group companies.


VI360 is a strategic brand identity management consultancy working for clients big and small on brand compliance, brand transition and brand identity management.

VI360 believe in the value of straight forward and practical brand management that results in tangible benefit so that your brand identity gives the right impression of the unique qualities of your business.


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Brand Exchange

Brand Exchange is a new and exclusive members club and events space, which offers membership to senior brand, finance and marketing professionals from the world's strongest and most valuable brands.

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Dialogue Agency

The Dialogue Agency is a Public Relations company specialising in the promotion of quality food products and communicating a thorough understanding of the importance of origin, food certifications and quality marks.

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Data partners.


CSRHub helps evaluate your brand’s CSR and sustainability performance. Access scores for 7,000 companies, from 200 ratings sources, in 92 countries, in 135 industries. Compare over time your 12 environmental, employee, community and governance ratings to competitors, partners, industries, sectors and country norms.

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Headquartered in the Netherlands, the Novagraaf Group is a patent and trademark consultancy with offices throughout Europe. Novagraaf is among the top five service providers in the field of intellectual property (IP), employing more than 350 dedicated IP professionals in its 13 offices and offering a wide range of IP advisory and management services.

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The Banker

The Banker provides economic and financial intelligence for the world's financial sector and has built a reputation for objective and incisive reporting. It has been the trusted source of banking information since 1926. The Banker has navigated its way through 90 years of banking coverage from the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the current financial crisis with the same reputation for accuracy, authority and integrity.

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Brand Finance is a member of Praxity – the world’s largest alliance of independent accountancy firms. Praxity is amongst the top 10 global Accounting Associations and a not-for-profit organisation. Fees are reinvested to provide business support by identifying and commenting on general and specific sector developments, finding solutions to clients’ technical and international issues and nurturing client growth through referrals and business expansion tools.

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