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Value-based brand management: conducting brand evaluations for brand valuations.

Published on 25.04.2019

  • The new standard on brand evaluation – ISO 10668 – is helping to codify a badly needed management practice: the structured appraisal of all areas of brand value management.
  • Understanding the support behind your brand, what people currently think about it, and how that is bringing you value are all essential areas to understand.
  • Those businesses that conduct structure measurement programmes will minimise waste in spend and maximise return: what isn’t measured well, won’t be managed well

"In the past there has been a tendency to think of brands simply as logos and marketing, as a necessary cost. Increasingly, businesses are noticing that branding and marketing can be used as a differentiator to build volume, price and numerous other benefits to businesses."

Alex Haigh Valuation Director, Brand Finance

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