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Value-Based Brand Management: Conducting Brand Valuations.

Published on 20.06.2019

  • The IVSC valuation standards from 2008 helped to formalise approaches to valuation which were then used to help create ISO 10668.
  • ISO 10668 specifies three alternative brand valuation approaches: Market, Cost, and Income Approaches.
  • As the value of brands stems from their ability to generate higher profits for either their existing or potential new owners, the Royalty Relief method - a variation of the Income Approach - is the most widely accepted.
  • There are a multitude of reasons one might complete a brand valuation: purchase price allocation, damages litigation, capital gains tax planning, brand positioning and marketing budget allocation.


"As we approach the 10th anniversary of ISO 10668, we revisit the subject and explore why and how one values brands."

Alex Haigh, Valuation Director, Brand Finance

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