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SABIC se consolida como la marca de productos químicos de más rápido crecimiento de 2018  


   • BASF mantiene el puesto como la marca de productos químicos más valiosa del mundo, un 13% más que el año pasado a 7.400 millones de dólares EE.UU. • Dow consolida el segundo lugar… read more

Brandurile românești de top cresc dublu față de economia națională


·         Dacia rămâne cel mai valoros brand românesc ·         Brandurile bancare și cele de retail domină clasamentul Brand Finance… read more

Les marques de cosmétiques françaises font belle impression, et la valeur de la marque d’Orange ne


·         Orange conserve sa première place dans le classement avec une valeur de €18,9 milliards alors que Total réduit l’écart entre son deuxième et… read more

French cosmetics brands are looking pretty as Orange brand value remains top of the tree


·         Orange remains France’s most valuable brand at €18.9 billion as Total narrows the gap in second-place ·         Cosmetics… read more

SABIC Powers Ahead as Fastest-Growing Chemicals Brand of 2018


  ·         BASF maintains status as world’s most valuable chemicals brand, up 13% from last year to US$7.4 billion ·         Dow… read more

KBC Remains Belgium’s Most Valuable Brand with Steady Growth


·         BDO retains second-place title in the ranking with brand value at €2.5 billion ·         Stella Artois is Belgium’s… read more

Sir Keir Starmer MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union at Brand Finance


 ·         “We have a duty to make [Brexit] work”, Sir Keir Starmer tells Peter Kellner in private meeting with business leaders last night… read more

WTO ruling on plain packaging could cost food and drink industries billions


In last week’s ruling, the WTO rejected a complaint brought against Australia’s regulation on plain packaging of tobacco products, dismissing concerns regarding government violation of intellectual property rights of trademark… read more

Toyota remains Japan’s Most Valuable Brand – 50 Most Valuable Japanese Brands Revealed


·         Mitsubishi, Honda follow in Toyota’s wake with strong brand value rankings while Nissan loses value ·         NTT Group leads high… read more



·         トヨタ 続伸の陰に、三菱、ホンダが力強く追跡し、一方、日産が下落した。 ·         NTT グループは依然としてハイテク通信業界のリーダーとして二位をキープ。… read more

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