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Real Madrid wird stärkste Fußball-Marke der Welt


·         Real überholt Barça als stärkste Fußballclub-Marke ·         Manchester United ist die wertvollste… read more

Japan’s Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         Toyota remains Japan’s most valuable brand, rising 7% to a brand value of US$46.3 billion ·         Subaru is Japan’s… read more

KKR is the IPL’s Most Valuable Brand, Despite Missing Out on Title


·         Kolkata Knight Riders is the IPL’s most valuable brand, worth US$58.6 million ·         Mumbai Indians has the most powerful brand… read more

Telkom Indonesia is Nation’s Most Valuable Brand


Total value of Top 100 Indonesian brands in 2017 has increased to US$32.4 billion, up 44% from US$22.6 billion in 2016. Telkom Indonesia retains the #1 Most Valuable Indonesia Brand for 2017 however it’s brand strength remains… read more

The Netherlands’ Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         Shell remains unchallenged at the top, rising 12% to a brand value of ‎€32.7 billion ·         Improving revenues and diverse… read more

Lego Brand Value Grows 68% in a Year


·         Lego, Denmark’s most valuable brand, grows 68% to US$7.6 billion ·         Pandora’s value is up 42% to US$2.9 billion due to… read more

Sweden’s Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         IKEA grows 42% in brand value to US$24 billion ·         H&M is second following 24% increase to US$19 billion… read more

Tata’s Value is Down but India’s Brands are On the Up


·         Tata brand value down 4% but Natarajan Chandrasekaran is steadying the ship ·         Over half of India’s 100 most valuable brands… read more

Nokia Brand Bounces Back


·         Finland’s strongest and most valuable brand grows 56% to €4.4billion ·         Kone defends second place with brand value of… read more

Norwegian Takes Off: Airline is Nation’s Fastest Growing Brand


·         Norwegian grows 78% in brand value to US$853 million ·         Statoil, the Norway’s most valuable brand, has a value of US$7.6… read more

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