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Brand Positioning and Extension evaluates your brand positioning options and provides you with an insight into the strategic and practical feasibility of extending into other markets or segments. We identify how your customers see you, where your brands are strongest and how close the competition is, to help you refine your messaging and deliver the most favourable customer behaviour.

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Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts - Brand Positioning

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is a diverse chain of hotels both in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Brand Finance was asked to help define the Cinnamon brand by developing a new brand strategy and positioning to integrate the portfolio and drive profitable growth. A thorough review of the trends in the hospitality market, including market analysis, customer analysis, growth opportunities, emerging concepts, global benchmarks, etc. was conducted. Following feedback and discussions emerging from workshops with management, Brand Finance defined and streamlined the Cinnamon brand concept and proposition. Subsequent to the creation of a coherent strategy, Brand Finance held workshops with employees to create and implement “The Cinnamon Way: A Unique Corporate Culture”. Furthermore, suggestions for an internal monitoring process that was implemented by Cinnamon management were given.

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