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Brand Transition

What we do.

Brand Transition provides strategies and support if you are considering a brand change. We first consider the business case for a proposed change to the brand. We subsequently help you mitigate the risk of value destruction and maximise the potential positive impact of a rebrand by testing scenarios regarding any alternative brand change options or the scope and pace of change (for example an immediate switch or an endorsed brand strategy).

Who we work for.

Vodafone - Brand Transition

Vodafone Group, a British multinational telecommunications company, asked Brand Finance to evaluate the cost to migrate and relative levels of risk in different markets following the acquisition of ten European mobile telecom operators. The project examined the impact of potential brand migrations in Singapore and Malaysia, and the execution of actual brand migrations in Ireland, Spain, Egypt, India, and Turkey.  Brand Finance’s financial model quantified the potential upside and value at risk to inform budget allocation and migration speed. The analysis identified the key risk factors and scored each market based on those factors.

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