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Return on Marketing Investment

What we do.

Return on Marketing Investment involves using marketing mix modelling and econometrics to help you understand what impacts your sales volumes and value. This can help you set budgets more effectively. By working closely together, we help you allocate spending to the most effective channels for boosting awareness, reducing churn, increasing acquisition and, ultimately, driving branded business value.

Who we work for.

St. George’s Bank - ROMI

St. George’s Bank, an Australian financial institution, commissioned Brand Finance to conduct a brand investment project. The two components of the project were a brand valuation and marketing budget settings analysis. Following the performance of a strategic brand evaluation, Brand Finance linked marketing investment to value creation, determined the impact of the product-specific marketing on product sales, and evaluated the effectiveness of each sales channel. The scope of the project was personal banking, with an emphasis on Home Loans and Deposit Products in New South Wales, Australia. Brand Finance provided an independent opinion on existing marketing accountability procedures and recommended improvements.

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