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Alex Haigh.


Alex is a valuation director at Brand Finance and has been at the company for five years.

He is a technical specialist in the use of market research and brand valuation for transfer pricing and has completed the Advance Diploma in International Tax, with a specialisation in Transfer Pricing.

His other area of expertise has been the assessment on the return on investment of different brand architecture and brand positioning options. Much of this experience has focussed on identifying the brand structures, media investment, media mix and distribution channel management needed to minimise risk and maximise opportunity from any brand changes.

He has extensive experience in the Utilities, Telecoms, Banking, Airlines and Automobile sectors and more limited experience in most other sectors, in particular Insurance, Technology, Non-Consumer Food, Chemicals, Healthcare and Professional Services.

Given Brand Finance’s global footprint all of Alex’s experience is international, working on clients in the all countries in North America, Argentina, most of Europe, South Africa, Kenya, most of the Middle East, China, Singapore and Australia.

Alex is also responsible for the direction of Brand Finance’s public research study and, by extension, Brand Finance’s marketing activities.

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