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Brand Finance Food & Drink 2019.

Published on 10.07.2019

The annual report on the world's most valuable food and soft drink brands.

  • Coca-Cola retains title as most valuable soft drink brand, bubbling up 19% to US$36.2 billion, while Pepsi’s brand value decreased by 8%
  • Nestlé dominates as most valuable food brand and boasts world’s largest food & drink brand portfolio, breaking the US$70 billion mark
  • Corporate brands take a hit: Kraft, Unilever, and Heinz all drop in brand value
  • China’s Yili remains most valuable dairy brand in Asia and on the global stage closes gap behind Danone, following impressive 24% increase in brand value
  • Quaker is fastest-growing food brand in the top 50, rising a remarkable 57%, while Chinese brands Haitian and Want Want storm up the ranking

“The soft drinks sector is facing scrutiny like never before in the Western world. From high sugar content causing a stir, to the backlash over single-use plastic, brands are having to think fast to meet changing needs and circumstances. Although Coca-Cola always has its sheer volume of sales to rely on, the brand needs to evolve with society if it wants to maintain it dominance in the sector.”

David Haigh, CEO, Brand Finance


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