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Brand Finance Telecoms 300 2019.

Published on 25.02.2019

The world's 300 most valuable telecoms operator brands and 10 most valuable telecoms infrastructure brands of 2019. 

+ AT&T maintains position at top as world’s most valuable telecoms brand, with brand value of US$87.0bn
+ European telcos rise through ranks: Vodafone up from 10th place last year to 7th this year, brand value of US$21.3bn
+ Deutsche Telekom leading charge for European telcos, brand value up 15% to US$46.2bn
+ Thailand’s AIS is world’s strongest telecoms brand, with brand strength index (BSI) score of 90.0 out of 100

"Without a shadow of doubt, 5G has taken the spotlight. The next generation wireless air-interface technology is expected to steal the show for carriers and equipment vendors by delivering a heightened network capacity and offering a boost to performance and download speeds. AT&T are certainly leading the charge here and stand to benefit greatly from 5G growth with as many as 1.3bn subscribers expected to
be using 5G by 2023. Declines in revenue from voice services are being made up for by high usage of mobile data, so it is a no brainer for telco brands to be focused on upgrading their networks based on LTE technologies."

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance

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