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Measure, Strengthen, and Grow


Almost three decades since the fall of communism, emerging Europe brands still do not shine as bright as their western counterparts. read more

La Maison-Blanche, une affaire pas si rentable pour Trump


« Le nom de Trump a cessé d'être associé à la réussite pour devenir quelque chose de négatif. C'est un cas d'école de comment une marque peut changer du point de vue des consommateurs ou… read more

VIDEO: What Factors Determine Brand Value?


Brand Finance CEO David Haigh speaks about the international standard that defines brand valuation. read more

Rise of Emerging Market Brands


Taking advantage of captive market conditions, changing perceptions, and the worldwide trend away from commoditised industries, emerging market brands are on the march. Nudged by government policy, Chinese, Indian, and Turkish contenders are… read more

Brand valuation face-off – debating the merits of ranking tables


A passionate debate has erupted over the publication of brand valuation ranking tables. We brought two of the most high-profile parties together to state their cases and gave each an opportunity to respond. The result is thought provoking… read more

Samsung ranked as the most valuable brand in South Korea


Valuation and strategy consultant Brand Finance has released its list of the top 50 most valuable brands in South Korea. Samsung has been ranked as the most valuable and powerful brand in the country, unsurprisingly. The firm ranks the… read more

Samsung Tops List of Korea’s Most Valuable Brands with Five Times the Value of Hyundai


Brand Finance has released its annual roundup of the 50 most valuable South Korean brands with Samsung sitting firmly at the top of the list with a brand value that rose 12% to US$51.4 billion – which amounts to more than five times… read more

Samsung's brand value doubles in 5 yrs: research


The brand value of Samsung Electronics posted a whopping 12 percent on-year climb this year, marking twofold growth from $28.5 billion in 2012, according to the data compiled by Britain-based industry tracker Brand Finance. read more

Turkey 'can further improve' its national brand value


Turkey moved up to 24 on Brand Finance Nation Brands table, with its brand value growing 20 percent on last year   read more

Diversificar productos de Marca País es estrategia de Uruguay para incursionar en mercados internaci


En el último informe de Brand Finance Nation Brands, el valor de marca de Uruguay Natural fue de 10.000 millones de dólares, explicó Larissa Perdomo, de Uruguay XXI. read more

Video: La marca de México es muy resiliente: Brand Finance México


Laurence Newell, director de Brand Finance México read more

Sri Lanka’s nation brand value stagnates in Brand Finance’s global survey


The 2017 nation brand report released by Brand Finance in London last week, shows that Sri Lanka has dropped one place in its rankings from 58 to 59, with just a 4% increase in Brand Value to $ 77.0 billion. read more

CEE Nation Brands still behind Western counterparts


There was a gradual west to east shift in 2017 of strong nation brands. The annual Brand Finance Report shows Asia is on the march, with China leading the way, while Euro-Atlantic nation brands are stagnating. CEE is still lagging behind… read more

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