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Learn how to build, protect and measure brand value
The Brand Finance Institute is the educational division of Brand Finance, offering expert training on brand evaluation, management and strategy.
  • How can I grow brand value?
  • How can I build a business case to show the return on my marketing investment?
  • How can I set up my marketing budget using brand research and analytics?

Brand Finance is committed to the development of theoretical and practical issues surrounding brands. This is the purpose of the Brand Finance Institute: to create and foster an environment for knowledge-sharing and networking among practitioners and experts in branding. The overarching objective is to foster a better understanding of how brand value is created and leveraged.

To achieve this, the Brand Finance Institute organizes events, in-company training and corporate educational initiatives around the world, featuring leading experts in the areas of brand strategy, brand building and brand valuation. We have developed a wide range of programmes and certifications in collaboration with the most coveted business schools, universities and thought leaders in the field.

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