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Helping clients make value-based marketing decisions
We apply a financial mindset to marketing decisions, quantifying how brands can affect the bottom line through revenue drivers and cost savings.

Bridging the gap between marketing and finance, all our services are rooted in value based assessments to justify brand related decisions.
  • How do I make a business plan for my brand decision?
  • What aspects of my brand do customers like?
  • Can I grow my business using my brand?
  • Should I license my brand and how much for?
  • How do I minimise value at risk?

Our approach to Value-Based Brand Management can be summarised into three broad areas

  1. Brand Research: Evaluating the strength of the brand amongst its key stakeholders with primary or secondary research to assess how it improves business value.
  2. Brand Valuation: Determining the commercial benefit brands bring to a branded business, in particular the volume and price premiums that brands can provide when selling products or services.
  3. Brand Strategy: Once the brand levers are identified - and  their impact on overall value assessed - we start flexing potential brand scenarios and strategies and how these brand moves will impact the bottom line. 

The focus areas represent the variety of disciplines and business principles that fall under the wider umbrella of brand valuation and our quantative way of thinking.

Our goal is to both provide the most comprehensive and holistic understanding of brands as assets, as well as guiding and steering those insights to real concrete actions that will build both brand and business value. 

We call this 'Value-Based Brand Management'.

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