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What gets measured gets managed
Brand evaluations are essential for understanding the strength of your brand against your competitors.

Brand Strength is a key indicator of future brand value growth whether identifying the drivers of value or avoiding the areas of weakness, measuring your brand is the only way to manage it effectively.
  • Are we building our brands’ strength effectively?
  • How do I track and develop my brand equity?
  • How strong are my competitors’ brands?
  • Are there any holes in my existing brand tracker?
  • What do different stakeholders think of my brand?

Evaluating your marketing capabilities and your brand’s strength

A strong brand is a valuable asset for any business, driving higher customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Strong brands contribute to business growth and profitability.

Brand owners are charged with ensuring that their brands are indeed strong and growing. An independent and objective system for evaluating brand performance is, therefore, essential.

Brand research and evaluation can never be simply a matter of counting sales and profits – a more rounded assessment is necessary to ensure that brands’ longer-term potential is realised.

The launch of ISO 20671 – the new standard on brand evaluation which Brand Finance helped craft – is a milestone on the way to a growing professionalisation of the industry and guides everything we do at Brand Finance.

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