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Sponsorship Services

Maximise value from your sponsorships​
We use the same techniques applied in brand valuation – research, financial modelling, and strategic analysis – to help managers understand the effectiveness and ROI of sponsorships and strategic partnerships.​
  • Is this partnership building my brand?
  • Does it drive short-term business performance?
  • Does sponsorship fit our commercial objectives?
  • What is the return on investment?
  • How do my benefits compare to competitors?
  • How can I improve effectiveness?

Sponsorship Services

Sponsorships are often amongst the most extensive, influential, and expensive brand building activities a company can undertake.

Traditional methods of measuring sponsorships, such as advertising equivalency, fail to adequately address key questions around brand building and value creation. 

At Brand Finance, we take a broader view to understand sponsorships in the context of achieving brand and business objectives.We are able to develop understanding for both rights-holders and sponsors to better measure and effectively apply sponsorship as a tool to drive business performance.

We have experience researching and analysing sponsorships with some of the world’s top rights holders across all major sports, and with sponsors in a wide range of B2C and B2B industries. Our results have been used to drive value in sponsorship negotiations, improve return on investment, and communicate insights to the board.

Sponsorship strategy roadmap 1. Map business strategy & brand positioning 2. Identify potential partnerships 3. Benchmark opportunities: reach, strength, price 4. Model potential Return on Investment 5. Plan activation strategies 6. Track impact & effectiveness
Sponsorship strategy starts with business goals and uses a quantitative approach to select, assess, negotiate, operate and measure partnerships

Sports Brand Valuations​

Our sports sponsorship expertise is grounded in a strong understanding of the brands of rights-holders that sponsors engage with. For over 15 years we have been assessing the strength and value of sporting brands and professional leagues across a variety of sports, regions and countries.

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