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Beyond logo


Many brand owners think of their brands as logos or labels. Their discussions on branding would revolve around colours, fonts, layouts, designs, sizes and locations of the logo on various touch points. Seen through this traditional and… read more

Volkswagen brand value erodes $10 billion


According to Brand Finance's CEO David Haigh, Volkswagen was the third largest automotive brand after Toyota and BMW in a 2015 listing of the world's top auto brands. read more

Volkswagen brand value falls by $10 bn after emission test scandal


Brand value of German automaker Volkswagen has eroded by a massive $10 billion following the revelation of emission test scandal by the company in the US. read more

Interview: VW Scandal - Why It Costs Germany Too


It's been an icon of reliability for decades. The beloved Beetle synonymous with quality you could trust. That is until now. And the revelation Volkswagen cheated emissions tests has cost the company dear, says Brand Finance's Robert Haigh. read more

Value of Volkswagen shares crashes on word of emissions cheating scandal


WASHINGTON — Shares in Volkswagen crashed 20% Monday, wiping $18 billion off the company’s value after it was found to have misled U.S. regulators. Federal and state regulators said Friday that the German company cheated on… read more

Forget iPads, children remain enthralled by Lego and Sylvanian Families


Tablets, game consoles and Wi-Fi-enabled cuddly toys may have captured most children’s interest, but board games, puzzles and Lego are fighting back, according to a new study. read more

'Made in Germany' lies in the 'gutter' after Volkswagen caught cheating


VW's conspiracy to rig emissions exposes it as the 'Lance Armstrong' of the car industry, once again revealing corrupt reflexes in German boardrooms. read more

All Blacks' Booming Rugby Brand Means Players Change on Team Bus


The All Blacks will use the team bus to change out of their training gear during the Rugby World Cup, an inconvenience the New Zealand superstars must endure to give sponsors their cut of the sport’s most recognized brand. read more

Queen Elizabeth II Isn’t as Rich as You Think


Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history today, and while her country might have lost influence in the world, she has ruled over an unprecedented period of wealth creation. read more

This is why Britain's Royal Family contributes a lot less to the UK economy than you think


Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest serving monarch in British history on September 9. After taking the throne on February 6, 1952, she will beat Queen Victoria’s record of 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes. read more

UK firms still covet royal approval as Queen hits record 63rd year


You may have noticed it above the door of a perfumery in London, in the inner lining of an expensive custom made suit, or even on a packet of English Stinking Bishop cheese - the gold emblem of the British monarchy. read more

Princess Charlotte : Worth $5 billion after four months


Talk about sibling rivalry! Prince George will be king one day, but his baby sister is where the money is. The youngest member of the royal family, four-month old Princess Charlotte, will be worth nearly $5 billion to the British economy,… read more

The power of agility


In the world we live in, being a big, well established brand is no longer a guarantee of long term success. Nokia and Blackberry are examples of large established brands that have lost their mojo in recent years. Even beyond the technology… read more

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