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RANKED: The UK'S Top 250 Brands Revealed

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24 April 2024

Underdog UK brands trump titans: Greggs and Robinsons dominate with brand power 

New data from Brand Finance reveals that smaller UK brands are punching above their weight, outshining nation’s bigger brands in terms of brand strength 

  • Greggs, Robinsons, and Fairy among smaller focused brands dominating brand strength ranking 
  • Shell maintains position as UK’s most valuable brand, boasting a value of £40.3 billion 
  • EY emerges as UK’s strongest brand, outperforming rival Big Four competitors PWC and KPMG 
  • Semiconductor brand Arm experiences meteoric rise in brand value, nearly quintupling its brand value amid AI boom 

Five out of the top 10 strongest brands in the UK have a brand value of less than GBP900 million, according to new data from Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. Several highly focused brands have proven their strength in the UK 250 2024 ranking, with Greggs (brand value up 6% to GBP899 million) now the UK’s second strongest brand with a AAA rating. Brand Finance data shows that Greggs’ brand strength stems from high scores in key areas such as value for money, consideration, and familiarity. This underscores Greggs’ solid brand identity, deeply rooted in consumers’ minds through consistent presence, fostering enduring loyalty.  

Robinsons, with a brand value increase of 25% to GBP327 million, has surged 46 positions in the brand strength index (BSI) ranking, now standing as the UK’s fifth strongest brand. This resurgence follows its 2023 split from Wimbledon after its 86-year partnership. Since then, Robinsons has proactively refreshed its brand for the first time in almost a decade, seeing substantial growth in both brand value and strength, reinforcing its leading position in the UK squash market. Fairy (BSI 84.3), Costa (BSI 84.3), and KitKat (BSI 83.0) also demonstrate the power of specialised product UK brands, each with a AAA- rating and a place in the UK’s top 10 strongest brands list.  

“In the 2024 UK 250 ranking, the UK’s top ten most valuable brands have remained largely stable, with BP and Vodafone being the only two brands to swap positions. BP’s brand value increased by 7% to GBP14.9 billion, while Vodafone’s dropped by 17% to GBP11.7 billion. Notably, three of the top ten brands hail from the Commercial Services sector and two from Banking, underscoring the service-oriented nature of the brand powerhouses propelling the UK’s economy.”   

Annie Brown, General Manager of UK Consulting, Brand Finance

Shell reinforces its title as the UK’s most valuable brand, recording a 1% increase in brand value to GBP40.3 billion. This is particularly notable given the backdrop of falling revenues, a decline in enterprise value, and a drop from an AA+ rating to AA in terms of brand strength. EY (brand value up 16% to GBP24.7 billion) has maintained its standing as second most valuable UK brand and has now emerged as the nation’s strongest brand. EY’s growth contrasts rival UK Big Four brands PWC (brand value down 6% to GBP19.8 billion) and KPMG (brand value down 8% to GBP11.4 billion), ranked third and seventh, respectively. 

Arm’s brand value has surged in value to GBP945 million, and is now worth almost five times more compared to last year. This surge results from the semiconductor and AI boom, along with the brand’s unique IP licensing model. Since its return to the public market in 2023, Arm has consistently surpassed expectations, in line with the trend of AI and semiconductor brands, further bolstering brand value.  

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