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BrandFinance® Africa Forum 2011

29 September 2011, 06:30–18:30 UK Time

The Brand Africa Forum 2011 will focus on key questions which are catalytic to Africa's growth, reputation and competitiveness.

- How can South Africa leverage its membership to BRIC to raise Africa's voice and influence African economic investment and growth beyond 7%?

- What market-driven interventions and policies can African nations learn from other BRIC nations to transform Africa's economy?

- Are so many African businesses looking to African expansion ahead of global development? If so, what are the implications of looking inwards rather than internationally?

- What type of leadership is required to build an enabling environment and systems to inspire growth, investment and innovation in Africa?


Opening address

Governance & Sustainability Keynote Presentation

Panel 1:

Governance & Sustainability Panel: Enabling Policies

Business Panel Keynote Presentation

Panel 2:

Business Panel: Role of Business


Lunch break


Africa Vision 2020: Africa 2.0 Kenya Report

Panel 3:

Youth Panel: Youth Vision for Africa

BRICS Keynote Presentation: Contextualise BRICS opportunity and regional integration agenda and opportunity for Africa

Panel 4:

BRICS Panel: Lessons for South Africa/Africa




Brand 100 Awards

29 September 2011, 06:30–18:30 UK Time
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The Sandton Convention Centre 8 Fredman Drive Sandton 2196 Johannesburg South Africa

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