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COVID-19: The Impact on Brand Value and the Challenge for Brand Leaders

29 April 2020, 14:00–15:00 UK Time

The Brand Finance Institute welcomed delegates as we launched our series of online events during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020.

We invited guests to join us for our first webinar, which explored how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting brands and how brands are responding to the crisis.  

At Brand Finance, we identified that there are brands that are doing well as a result of the sectors they operate in; others that are successfully adapting to changing needs despite obstacles within their sectors; and finally those, the least fortunate, that have been paralyzed because of the business model of the sectors they operate in. 

In light of the results of the Brand Finance Global 500 report released at the start of 2020, we explored the impact the global pandemic was having upon each sector and their brand rankings, analysing new data which demonstrates how brands are being affected. We also discussed the following: 

  • How can organisations continue to build their brand in this time of crisis? 
  • Is brand investment worthwhile in the current circumstances?  
  • We have experienced crisis in the past - what is different this time? 
  • What guidance can we offer leadership during the pandemic? 

The online discussion was led by Parul Soni, Associate Director at Brand Finance, and Gabi Salinas, Global Managing Director at the Brand Finance Institute

A full recording of the webinar is available to view below:

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The Brand Finance Institute, as the educational division of Brand Finance, is committed to addressing the theoretical and practical issues surrounding brands. The BFI´s purpose is to create and foster an environment for knowledge-sharing and networking among practitioners and experts in the market. In order to do so, we secured a team of experienced industry professionals and developed a wide range of programmes and certifications in collaboration with the most coveted business schools and universities.

29 April 2020, 14:00–15:00 UK Time
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Parul Soni
Associate Director
Brand Finance

Parul leads the team of analysts and consultants behind Brand Finance’s annual Global 500, Nation Brands, and Global Soft Power Index studies. She has a wealth of experience in Business and Brand Valuation working across sectors, specialising in Nation Branding, Food & Drinks, and Utilities. She is an experienced research and data analyst with survey experience across a range of evaluation and research issues.

Parul has worked with a variety of clients such as GREAT Campaign and PromPeru. She has a BSc in Economics and Economic History from the London School of Economics and is a chartered global management accountant, CIMA.

Gabriela Salinas
Global Managing Director
Brand Finance Institute

Gabriela is a Global Managing Director of the Brand Finance Institute. She has a broad international experience, having worked for clients such as Bank of America, Repsol, YPF, Telefónica, Terra Networks, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Roca, GM, Great Eastern Life.

In addition to her everyday work, she lectures on Brand Valuation, Management and Strategy at several business schools in Europe and Latin America. Gabriela has written numerous academic articles and books on brand valuation, among others: “Brand Valuation: a review of approaches, providers and methodologies” (2007, Deusto, Spain), “Brand Valuation: measuring to create value” (2008, Deusto, Spain) and “The International Brand Valuation Manual” (2009, Wiley, United Kingdom).


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