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Global Sales Transformation XVI

07 October 2021, 13:00–17:00 UK Time

Richard Haigh, Managing Director at Brand Finance joins the Global Sales Transformation event at the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday 7th October 2021.

The event, hosted by Consalia, explores the concept of Relationship Capitalisation, which is the process of capitalising on the value of client contracts and the network of people and organizations that represent employees’ clients, partners and suppliers. It is explained as the value created and maintained by nurturing and managing good relationships and is, therefore, a predictor of the current and future value of (key) accounts and as such can be measured.

Richard joins the programme of expert speakers to put forward his insights on "The Science of Valuing Intangible Assets (Customer Relationships)" . The presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

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07 October 2021, 13:00–17:00 UK Time
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Richard Haigh
Managing Director
Brand Finance

Richard has over a decade in value-based marketing, brand valuation and intangible asset valuation. He sat on the ISO Technical Committee 289 on Brand Valuation and contributed to the Brand Evaluation standard ISO 20671. He lectures on brand valuation and other topics to business schools and has a regular guest lecture series at London Business School.

While at Brand Finance he has overseen an array of the internal initiatives and studies while also leading many of the client relationships. With experience from B2B and B2C industries and brands, Richard has worked across all of Brand Finance’s service lines as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing but particularly specialises in valuation.

In addition, he has a BA in Mathematics from the University of Oxford.


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The London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London, EC4M 7LS

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