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Results Broadcast: Brand Finance Global 500 2022

26 January 2022, 14:00–14:15 UK Time

Watch the results broadcast of the Brand Finance Global 500 2022, the most anticipated brand ranking of the year, where we shared the findings of our 16th annual study into the world's 500 most valuable and strongest brands across all sectors and countries.

  • What is the world’s most valuable brand this year, and what are the industry leaders across the globe?
  • How have the world’s brands coped with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years?
  • Which brands are growing faster than others, and which are facing challenges to advance?

Explore the key results of our analysis, as we revealed an exclusive countdown of the world’s most valuable brands.

See the full Results Broadcast and download the Brand Finance Global 500 2022 report below for reference.

26 January 2022, 14:00–14:15 UK Time
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Robert Haigh
Strategy and Sustainability Director
Brand Finance

Robert leads Brand Finance’s sustainability research and consulting practice, helping brands to understand the value of sustainability perceptions and how to manage these effectively.

Robert has a degree in Geography from the University of Oxford and an MBA from London Business School.

Robert began his career in marketing communications, later specialising in commercial strategy, due diligence, and insights.



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