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KFSH&RC: Advancing the frontiers of medical innovation

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31 January 2024

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSHRC) is ranked 20th in Brand Finance's second annual Global Top 250 Hospitals ranking, as well as being the top ranked academic medical centre (AMC) in the Middle East. Dr. Dieter Broering, a leading figure at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSHRC), discusses the hospital's ground-breaking achievements in robotic surgery and its global impact.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Broering,
Executive Director
of Organ Transplant
Center of Excellence,
King Faisal Specialist
Hospital & Research
Centre (KFSH&RC)

Dr. Broering, congratulations on KFSH&RC's ground-breaking achievement in performing the world's first fully robotic liver transplant. To begin, could you please elaborate on how this remarkable milestone reinforces KFSH&RC's global reputation in the realm of minimally invasive transplant surgery?

This achievement highlights KFSH&RC's commitment to advancing the frontiers of medical innovation. Our successful implementation of the fully robotic liver transplant solidifies our position as a global leader in minimally invasive transplant surgery. By employing state-of-the-art robotic technology, we have not only pioneered a novel procedure but have also demonstrated our commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare services on a global scale.

The approach adopted by the Organ Transplant Center of Excellence at KFSH&RC has shown significant benefits. How does this innovative approach align with KFSH&RC's mission to provide advanced patient-centric healthcare?

Our mission at KFSH&RC revolves around advancing patient care through continuous innovation. The fully robotic approach allows us to prioritize our patients' well-being by minimizing invasiveness and enhancing surgical precision. With smaller incisions, our patients experience reduced recovery times and lower rates of complications, aligning perfectly with our commitment to patient-centric healthcare. We firmly believe in our ongoing pursuit of exploring new frontiers in medical practice to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care.

With the remarkable progress in robotic surgery, how do you envision its long-term influence on patient care?

Robotic surgery is a game-changer, particularly in conducting donor and recipient surgeries. Using this technology, we achieved unparalleled precision and minimal invasiveness, eliminating the need for a hybrid approach.

This innovation dramatically enhances patient safety and recovery, expanding the possibilities for treatments that were previously considered too risky or complex. It marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize patient care and elevate global healthcare standards.

Reflecting on KFSHRC's global recognition, particularly the impressive ranking at 20th out of the top 250 global centers, and being 1st in the Middle East and Africa by Brand Finance 2023, what significance does this achievement hold for you and your team?

This recognition represents a collective achievement, highlighting our team's firm dedication. It's a source of pride, not just for us but for the entire region. This achievement reflects the transformative impact of Vision 2030 and the Kingdom's efforts in various sectors, particularly healthcare.

It serves as a driving force, inspiring us to maintain this standard and continue to be a beacon of global medical excellence, aligning with the Kingdom's healthcare transformation goals for a healthier and thriving nation.

With the successful implementation of the world's first fully robotic liver transplant, what future advancements do you envision at KFSH&RC that will drive its global reputation?

This milestone is a catalyst for a series of future advancements in medical procedures and technologies within KFSH&RC. We aim to continue exploring new medical frontiers, particularly in areas where technology can significantly improve patient results. We are actively engaged in enhancing our capabilities in various specialties, fostering a culture of innovation that consistently challenges the limits of what can be achieved in healthcare.

Additionally, how do you see KFSH&RC's leadership in fully robotic liver transplants shaping the future of organ transplantation globally?

The successful implementation of fully robotic liver transplants marks a pivotal moment in the history of organ transplantation. It sets a new standard for surgical approaches, emphasizing precision, reduced invasiveness, and improved patient results. Our leadership in this field will inspire other institutions globally to explore and adopt similar advanced techniques. As a result, we envision a future where fully robotic procedures become more widespread, transforming organ transplantation's landscape and benefiting patients globally.

Lastly, KFSH&RC has been recognized as a designated training center for robotic transplant surgery. How does this contribute to global knowledge exchange and the advancement of minimally invasive transplant procedures?

This recognition emphasizes our commitment to sharing knowledge and advancing medical practices globally by actively engaging with other top medical institutions, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange to propel medical practices to new heights. Our approach is focused on collaborative networking that allows for exchanging insights, research findings, and best practices in robotic surgery.

Through our training programs in robotic transplant surgery, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to the global understanding of minimally invasive procedures, aligning seamlessly with our vision to be at the forefront of medical advancements and proactively contribute to the progress of healthcare practices globally.

Closing remarks

Broering shares a heartfelt message about the importance of continuous learning, innovation, and compassion in healthcare. His dedication to improving patient care and his vision for KFSHRC's global impact leave an inspiring note for the future of healthcare.

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