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Brand Spotlight: SABIC

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02 February 2021

SABIC has overtaken Dow to become the 2nd most valuable chemicals brand in the world. With a brand value of US$4.0 billion and a brand strength rating of AAA-, SABIC is comfortably in the major league of the chemicals industry. SABIC manufactures diversified chemicals on a global scale, serving customers via strategically distributed production and innovation hubs worldwide.

In 2019, SABIC launched a major global brand campaign to raise the company’s awareness, understanding, and engagement with global influencers. SABIC’s rise to second rank is a proof point of the campaign’s success, and a key milestone in SABIC’s strategic journey to become the preferred world leader in chemicals, while simultaneously catalysing local growth in Saudi Arabia.

SABIC strategically aligns its business with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and works towards developing more open and creative collaborations with other companies, NGOs, academia, and governments to better meet the expectations of its customers and other stakeholders. By viewing these global issues as an opportunity – from climate change to energy efficiency - not a threat, through its resourcefulness, SABIC is able to adopt breakthrough processes, products, and application technologies, helping to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

We invest time to really understand our audiences and carefully calibrate our brand activation plan to deliver impactful, consistent, and creative engagement. Enhancing existing customer experience and satisfaction are always core priorities, but equally, our brand campaign has helped us engage new audiences beyond our industry. These are important elements in our journey towards becoming the preferred world leader in chemicals.”

Richard Crookes Director, Global Brand & Marketing Communications

SABIC strives to develop solutions that enable it to meet its sustainability goals, such as higher crop yields, cleaner energy, and better healthcare solutions. SABIC last year launched TRUCIRCLE™ solutions, circular solutions to facilitate SABIC’s aims to help companies around the world to drive the change needed to become a circular global society. As SABIC continues to invest in marketing and innovative solutions, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth journey of the SABIC brand. The globe is facing unprecedented challenges with COVID-19 and communication is a critical pillar in this journey of mitigating and defeating this virus. SABIC's goal was to execute a global communications strategy that enabled their employee’s well-being, uplifted morale, and ensured business continuity. SABIC adjusted and refocused their CSR efforts towards addressing Covid-19, investing over US$ 53 million to date. They also collaborated with global communities and supported their customers with innovative solutions to meet their demands during the pandemic.

“We are proud to have raised the bar again for our brand. This recognition is important to us as we measure ourselves on the value we generate, both internally and within the communities where we operate. In 2020, our brand needed to connect with our customers and stakeholders in new and meaningful ways due to the unprecedented circumstances. Our employees worldwide have continued to excel as SABIC brand ambassadors, demonstrating the resilience of our business by living our Chemistry that Matters™.”

Sami Al-Osaimi Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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