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Globant: Accelerating Innovation through Collaboration

Brand Finance
17 January 2024

As a leader in digitally-driven transformation for organizations worldwide, Globant has experienced impressive growth in recent years. This is reflected by the company's brand value increasing 34% to USD1.6 billion in 2024, also increasing its rank in Brand Finance's latest IT Services report. Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer at Globant, discusses the crucial factors behind the brand's growth, including strategic partnerships and company culture, in a new spotlight.

Interview with Wanda Weigert

Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer, Globant

Collaboration and partnerships have become crucial elements in today's interconnected world. How has Globant fostered strategic alliances, and what role have these partnerships played in driving brand value growth?

Globant is a digitally native company that supports leading global organizations from industries such as finance, media & entertainment, and gaming on their journeys to reinvent themselves. Establishing alliances and partnerships with other leading companies and global events offers us great opportunities to engage both existing and new audiences in innovative ways.

CONVERGE, our flagship annual event, is a great example. Every year, we garner a top-notch list of global speakers and thinkers to share their insights with our audience of thousands of business and technology leaders, which allows them to create new ideas and learn through impactful conversations. Visionary leaders including Bob Iger, Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, Refik Anadol, and, among many others, have been part of Converge’s previous speaker line-ups, where they have shared their vision with over 100,000 attendees to-date.

In 2022 and 2023, Globant’s agreement with FIFA to support its global football events was huge for our brand. With the FIFA Men’s World Cup Qatar 2022 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, this powerful partnership – the first between FIFA and an Argentinean-born brand– allowed us to leverage the unifying power of sports to advance our own core brand values.

We’ve also established a multi-year partnership with the LA Clippers to assist in integrating the digital roadmap for Intuit Dome, the team’s revolutionary new stadium scheduled to open this year in California which will transform the fan experience.

How does your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy contribute to Globant’s brand?

Globant's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is fundamental to our brand. Programs like Women that Build, and She Leads exemplify our dedication to empowering underrepresented groups in tech globally.

Our Women that Build Awards has received 310,000 total votes and offered multiple scholarships and workshops to extend the tech skills of women and non-binary people. We extend our efforts to embrace generational diversity with initiatives like the Council of Igniters and Back in the Game, which support diverse career paths.

Research-driven innovation, seen in our IT Voices survey and Learning Preferences & Diversity Behind the Screens Report, showcase our commitment to understanding diverse workforce needs.

Meanwhile, programs like UnlimITed highlight our dedication to creating inclusive spaces. By taking an active approach to these issues, we're not merely shaping an inclusive workplace, but also contributing to broader economic and cultural transformations. Our DEI strategy is a tangible embodiment of our values, and enables us to propel innovation, attract top talent, and establish the standard for a more inclusive tech industry.

Looking ahead, what future plans and strategies does Globant have in place to further strengthen its brand and continue the growth of its brand value?

In 2023, we celebrated our first 20 years as a company, which was a significant milestone for more than 27,500 Globers as well as our partners and clients around the world. From the beginning, our goal has been to reinvent industries and be fully dedicated to the development and transformation of organizations. Looking ahead, we know it's key to sustain and enhance our entrepreneurial spirit of reinvention. We aspire to be the best company for our Globers, our communities, and for any organization that seeks to disrupt their industries and businesses.

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