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Hexaware Technologies: Embracing ‘Al-first’ strategy to strengthen brand positioning

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27 June 2024

Hexaware Technologies’ brand value recorded a 20% growth this year to USD724 million, moving from the 58th to 50th spot among the most valuable Indian brands ranked. In this interview, Ms. Nidhi Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer, Hexaware Technologies, discusses the company’s adaption to trends and technologies to better position itself in the market. 

Interview with Nidhi Alexander

Ms. Nidhi Alexander, Chief Marketing Officer, Hexaware Technologies

How has the company adapted to emerging trends and technologies, and how has this influenced Hexaware’s brand positioning in the market?

Hexaware has made a strategic shift toward becoming an ‘AI-first’ company. We have not only developed strong capabilities in data, cloud, and AI technologies, but also created an AI-first culture, with clear roles and effective governance.

Our dedication starts at the top. Our entire leadership team, including our CEO, has undergone compulsory training. Moreover, 99% of our IT workforce is trained in AI/Gen AI.

Our solutions that incorporate AI, such as RapidX™ (speeding up software development), Tensai® (enhancing code release and tech management), and Amaze® (complete cloud migration and optimization) boost solution quality and efficiency and inspire Hexawarians to use Gen AI in their work.

This organization-wide focus on an AI-first approach has resulted in better service delivery and customer satisfaction, strengthening Hexaware’s reputation as a tech leader.

What are Hexaware’s biggest advantages in ensuring brand success?

At Hexaware, our success hinges on six foundational values, with three ensuring our brand success:

1. Put people first: We lead with empathy, enabling a creative culture because the best solutions bloom from well-cared-for minds. This enhances our brand’s strength and market position.

2. Create customer value: We aim to deliver unexpected value, turning partnerships into powerful potential.

3. Innovate relentlessly: Innovation defines us. Our pursuit of innovation puts us ahead of industry trends, making our brand synonymous with future-focused solutions.

What role do you hope Hexaware can play regarding sustainability and the climate change challenge?

Sustainability is at the heart of our core values and is embedded in our business strategy. At Hexaware, 59% of our energy requirements in India are met through renewable sources.

We’re committed to net zero emissions, aligned with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and have published our inaugural report on climate-related financial disclosures in accordance with Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) standards.

We partnered with the Environmental Foundation of India to restore six water bodies near our Chennai campus, conserving over 9.99 crore litres of water and enriching local biodiversity, benefiting over 1,000 people.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs focus on education, healthcare, environmental stewardship, women’s empowerment, and rural development. In 2023, these initiatives positively impacted 63,000+ lives.

Employee engagement can significantly impact brand perception. How does Hexaware involve employees contributing to and aligning with the brand’s values and goals?

Hexaware engages employees through strategic initiatives that align with its values and goals, integrating the workforce into the company's culture and objectives. Programs like Mavericks emphasize cross-cultural sensitivity, while Gen AI learning and SONIC certifications foster innovation, aligning employees with Hexaware’s global market engagement goals.

Our rewards and recognition program celebrates employees who exemplify core values such as innovation, customer focus, and teamwork with awards like ‘Culture Champ, ‘Tech Guru,’ and ‘Rockstar of the Month.’ The ‘Yuva’ event and other cultural initiatives allow employees to engage with and contribute to Hexaware’s community goals.

Additionally, the ‘Faces of Hexaware’ campaign uses employee testimonials to showcase the brand’s impact and workforce satisfaction, reinforcing employee alignment with the brand’s values.

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