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HMEL: Focused on delivering shareholder value through diversified businesses

Brand Finance
27 June 2024

With a brand value of USD656 million and AA- brand strength rating, the company is the 56th most valuable brand ranked in our India 100 2024 report. Read more about HMEL's transformative journey as Mr. Prabh Das, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HMEL, shares his insights.

Interview with Prabh Das

Mr. Prabh Das
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HMEL

How has the company adapted to emerging trends and technologies, and how has this influenced HMEL’s brand positioning in the market?

Process automation has been at the heart of HMEL’s strategic vision for building a smart enterprise. Leveraging the latest technology and partnering with the best gives us superior operational performance and profitability with strict adherence to safety and environmental standards.

Right from the inception of the company, we have focussed on delivering shareholder value through diversified businesses, by leveraging technology, creating efficiencies, positively impacting communities, harnessing the power of human energy, and continuous innovation. Listening and understanding the needs of our customers allows us to develop products and services that genuinely enhance their lives.

Our agile structures help us to make faster decisions, allowing for quicker responses to market changes and customer needs. By delivering consistent benchmark performance on all business parameters, HMEL has become synonymous with trust, credibility and resilience.

What are HMEL’s biggest advantages in ensuring brand success?

Being in an industry that is heavily impacted by external changes, it is important to remain agile and adaptive. As one of the youngest companies in the Indian Oil & Gas sector, we thrive by continuously leveraging opportunities that align with our business and sustainability objectives. The attributes that contribute to our success are:

Customer Focus: Having a deep understanding of how our products and services impact the lives of millions of customers allows us to develop products that are clean, safe and enhance their lives. We ensure this by maintaining open communication channels and prioritising customer feedback in our decision-making processes.

Global Benchmarks: It has always been our endeavour to always benchmark ourselves against the best in the world. This enables us to adopt global best practices that improve the efficiency of our processes and provide us with a strategic advantage.

Performance Driven Culture: Our people are our biggest strength and source of our success. With an enduring passion for excellence, never-say-die spirit and high ethical standards, the HMEL team is helping us to expand our footprint and set new benchmarks. With the power of teamwork and an environment of high performance, our team constantly drives innovative solutions to resolve the most complex problems.

Forward-Thinking: Staying ahead of the curve requires unique and progressive philosophies. Anticipating changes and proactively developing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers is central to our strategy.

Social responsibility and sustainable practices are increasingly important to stakeholders. How has HMEL integrated sustainability initiatives into its brand strategy?

The philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability as practiced by HMEL from its early days has become a way of life, embodying a deeply ingrained social culture rather than a mere obligatory commitment.

In fulfilling its role as a socially responsible corporate entity, HMEL is empowering rural women, fostering self-employment through self-help groups, facilitating youth employment, improving health and infrastructure, enabling youngsters to learn about science and technology, participate in competitive examinations like JEE and NEET, thereby realising the aspirations to pursue careers in engineering and medicine.

Sustainability is not a buzz word for us, but it is a commitment and an integral part of our daily operations. It is a commitment that starts from the top and permeates through every level of our organisation. Our Sustainability Policy is pivotal in aligning our efforts with the goals and objectives aimed at achieving comprehensive development. We have successfully completed over 30 energy and fuel-efficient projects till date. We are steadfast in our goal of achieving a net-near-zero emission status by the year 2050, a testament to our dedication to the planet.

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