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du: Empowering Digital Lifestyles with Innovation and Excellence

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26 February 2024

du, a leading telecommunications company in the UAE, has increased its brand value by almost 13% in 2024, now valued at USD2.5 billion. As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, du has consistently demonstrated its resilience and adaptability. Through a strategic focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and technological advancements, du has solidified its position as a brand synonymous with empowering digital lifestyles. Discover more about the journey behind the du's success in a new spotlight with Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO of du.

Interview with Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO, du

Fahad Al Hassawi
CEO, du

This year du entered the top 25 strongest Telecom brands; What are du biggest advantages in ensuring its continued brand success?  

du's biggest advantages in ensuring its continued brand success are diverse and multi-faceted. Firstly, du's strong financial performance has been driven by a robust macroeconomic environment, indicating the company's ability to navigate and thrive in a competitive industry. This financial stability provides du with the resources and flexibility to invest in its brand and customer experience. 

du has displayed strong commercial momentum, utilizing smart strategies to effectively reach and engage customers. By expanding its 5G coverage to over 98.5% of UAE population, du has positioned itself at the forefront of technological advancements, offering customers faster speeds, lower latency, and greater reliability for seamless connectivity.  

The company has consistently introduced innovative product offerings, resulting in multiple industry awards. These accolades validate du's ability to identify and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs and expectations of its customers. With over 60% of mobile network traffic driven by 5G usage, du is setting the pace in unlocking the vast potential of this cutting-edge connectivity, while providing premium and unique experience to its customers.  

Moreover, du places emphasis on segments that leverage technological innovation, employee development, and sustainability. This strategic focus ensures that the company is well-positioned to adapt to future market demands and stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, du 's digital infrastructure provides secure and scalable solutions, with hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities. This emphasis on robust digital capabilities not only boosts resilience but also provides high levels of security for customer data and transactions. 

Furthermore, according to a survey conducted Glint, a technology company by LinkedIn, du has reached an outstanding results of 81% worldwide rating in the Culture & Employee Engagement Index, placing the company in the top 25% among global technology sector performers, and has distinguishes itself within the top 10% worldwide across all industries. These results are driven by du acknowledging the importance of an inclusive corporate culture, fostering national talents and its leadership’s commitment to building a strong, efficient and innovative workforce. 

What would you consider as the defining moments or milestones in building and strengthening the du brand?   

In recent years, we have undergone a transformative journey to strengthen our brand and its core assets. Through this process, we have actively focused on creating more meaningful and differentiated content tailored to specific target audiences, based on a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations. Our aim at du is to empower customers, regardless of their interests or ambitions. This customer-centric approach has played a pivotal role in establishing a strong connection between du and its audience. 

Another defining moment in du's brand-building journey has been its evolution from a telecommunications provider to a digital lifestyle brand. The company recognizes the increasing interconnectedness of the world we live in. As a response, du has positioned itself as a brand that ensures no one is left behind, empowering and enabling their lifestyles. This strategic shift goes beyond mere connectivity, emphasizing the meaningful impact du can have on its customers' lives. 

In addition, we recognize the importance of finding the right composition of internal and external partners and agencies. These partners help us drive creative excellence and enable us to continuously benchmark ourselves against the best-in-class brands, both locally and globally. Their expertise allows us to enhance our brand and deliver exceptional experiences to our customers. 

How has the company adapted to emerging trends and technologies, and how has this influenced du brand positioning in the market?   

du's adaptability to emerging trends and technologies has significantly shaped its brand positioning in the market. The company not only embraces the potential of technological innovations but also recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships in introducing cutting-edge solutions to the region.  

Through these partnerships, du has accelerated digital transformation and showcased its commitment to innovation. For instance, collaborations in mobile services, cloud computing, and other ICT solutions have brought about impactful technological solutions, benefiting residents in the UAE. Building on the expertise and resources gained from these collaborations, du aims to further solidify its brand positioning as a forward-thinking and innovative telecom company in the market. This collaborative approach not only enhances du's brand image but also keeps the company on top of emerging trends and technologies. In areas such as finance and business, du will leverage its capabilities to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. 

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