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Mobily: Fostering a robust digital ecosystem to align with national objectives and evolving needs

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01 May 2024

Mobily's brand value has surged by 18% to reach USD2.1 billion, marking an impressive 151% increase over the past five years. In line with its regional and global telecoms counterparts, digital transformation is a central pillar to Mobily’s GAIN (Grow, Accelerate, Implement, Nurture) strategy. Guided by Saudi Arabia's national Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy, Mobily has fostered a robust digital ecosystem, aligning with national objectives and evolving needs. This growth strategy has helped drive robust revenues, a key contributor to Mobily’s growing brand value.

Interview with Nora Al Shiha

Nora Al Shiha, SVP, Corporate Brand & Communications

Mobily has grown its brand value by 18% over the last 12 months and a staggering 151% over 5 years. What factors would you consider as the essential elements contributing to the success of the brand over this period?

In recent years, we have fundamentally transformed the brand and its essential assets, both intangible and physical by starting with the fundamentals before moving towards enhancing our customer experience and overall value proposition. We implemented the RISE strategy in 2017 to lay the foundations for growth which equipped us to foster and implement our GAIN strategy with the intention to maximise brand and business growth . Our people have been at the heart of our success in building and articulating a more coherent brand purpose which has enabled us to succeed over this period.

Whilst the brand has transformed and been on an incredible journey over the last 5 years, what to next 5 years look like and what are the primary objectives for the Mobily brand?

We have passion for what we do and the ambition to continue on our recent growth trajectory and propel the brand and business to new heights. As the Mobily brand represents the face of our business and by its very essence represents how our consumers and other stakeholders perceive us, it will be a crucial driving force in our success. As we close the curtains on the GAIN strategy, we are excited to embark on our next brand journey. Our customers and the Kingdom’s national transformation agenda will remain central to our strategic focus and the values we strive to uphold. It will be imperative that our brand and communications continue to evolve to support the business, taking our customers with us and giving all our stakeholders a clear and captivating picture of who we are, who we want to be, and how we can help them succeed in their everyday lives.

Social responsibility and sustainable practices are increasingly important to stakeholders. How has Mobily integrated sustainability initiatives into its brand strategy?

We approach our responsibility in this domain with utmost seriousness. As a leading force in digitization and connectivity in the Kingdom, we recognize the profound socio-political and environmental implications inherent in our actions. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is shaped by a deep commitment to redefine our role in society, aligning with the Kingdom's vision 2030. We believe in investing heavily in talent development, recognizing its criticality for the TMT sector's and the nation's long-term success. By nurturing education and skills, we're building a foundation for future innovation.

We also see the enhancement of individual experiences as integral to our business aims. By focusing on initiatives that enhance the quality of life, we ensure that our efforts in improving network accessibility and promoting digital literacy are part of a larger goal to provide comprehensive access to our services. This holistic approach to CSR is an integral part of our brand philosophy, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to not just leading in the TMT space but also to being a catalyst for positive societal change.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - November 23, 2019: The headquarters of Mobily, a Saudi telecommunication provider, Al Haqbani Building (back) and Office Al Yabis (front), and Kingdom Center

Empowering brand effectiveness through dynamic leadership and brand centricity - Metab A. AlAjmah

Metab A. AlAjmah, GM Corporate Brand & Media Management

In today's evolving business landscape, the importance of a robust brand cannot be overstated. Brands transcend beyond mere logos and slogans; they are the essence of an organization, encapsulating its values, promises, and identity. The brand is the heartbeat of an organization, influencing consumer perceptions, loyalty, and market positioning. Beyond product or service offerings, a strong brand serves as a guiding force, shaping organizational culture and values. in Mobily, the brand journey is marked by significant brand value growth in the past 5 years with a 151% brand value growth. Today’s brand value is exceeding $2 billion and the brand is the fastest growing among its telecoms peers in the region over the past year with 18% growth in brand value.

Additionally, Mobily's brand strength index has reached its peak, earning a prestigious AA+ rating. This consistent growth has solidified Mobily's position as one of the most valuable brands in Saudi Arabia. In addition to being a reflection of past successes, brand strength is also a powerful tool for navigating future challenges. There are two crucial elements which emerge as driving forces behind brand success: leadership empowerment and brand centricity.

Effective leadership is the linchpin of brand success. Empowered leaders who understand the strategic importance of brand, actively shape its narrative. Leadership sets the tone for brand values, ensuring alignment with the organization's mission and fostering a culture that resonates with both employees and customers. A brand needs to be managed and led; empowered leaders are instrumental in steering the brand towards growth and relevance.

In recognition of his strong brand leadership, Mobily’s CEO, Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Badran, has been recognized as one of the top ten ranked telecoms brand guardians globally in Brand Finance’s Brand Guardianship Index 2024. Al Badran’s strong brand leadership has created a ripple effect which cascades down the organization, influencing every aspect of brand experience. Leadership empowerment fosters innovation, encourages a customer centric approach, and nurtures a sense of ownership among employees. When leadership is aligned with the brand, it permeates through all levels of the organization, creating a cohesive and authentic brand narrative.

On the other hand, brand centricity is the philosophy that places the brand at the core of every organizational decision and customer interaction. It goes beyond marketing strategies; it's a holistic approach that affects operations, employee engagement, and customer service. When every facet of an organization is aligned with the brand, it creates a seamless and immersive brand experience for both internal and external stakeholders. This integrated approach enhances brand consistency, builds trust, loyalty, and a distinctive brand identity in the minds of consumers. This philosophy has propelled Mobily to be recognized by the Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) for excellence in user experience for three consecutive years. As we look ahead, amidst the swiftly changing business world, organizations that prioritize brand and empower their leadership to champion its cause will emerge as industry leaders. The synergy between leadership empowerment and brand centricity is the key to unlocking sustained brand growth, fostering a culture that recognizes the brand as a strategic asset rather than a marketing tactical tool and stand as a beacon illuminating the path to organizational success.

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