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Australia's Strong Performance in Top 10 Nation Brands

Mark Crowe
25 February 2021

Australia has performed strongly in the Global Soft Power Index, rising 3 places to 10th, and celebrating a 3.3-point increase in its Index score, the highest increase among the top 10 nation brands.

Mark Crowe, Managing Director, Brand Finance Australia

Australia has retained its number one ranking as “a great place to visit’ with an improved score. The nation has risen six places in the Culture & Heritage pillar, mainly through offering a very appealing lifestyle.

The successful management of COVID-19 has been acknowledged, although perhaps surprisingly Australia ranked only 11th best. In part, this can be explained by perceptions that other countries have had to endure a more challenging environment, compared to Australia’s natural advantages of remoteness and being an island continent. Strong preventative measures, including the second longer lockdown in Victoria, along with strict quarantine measures, and differing state border controls did conversely elevate negative perceptions in terms of restrictions in movement and impact on the economy.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Australia continues to perform exceptionally well for Business & Trade. It is seen as easy to do business with, despite the current trade war with China. A strong stable economy and a high ranking for future growth potential provides the basis for future prosperity.

While Australia is perceived favourably for protection of the environment, its high rating for International Relations will be under pressure to provide a tangible commitment to zero target emissions by 2050, along with the potential threat of other countries imposing climate tariffs. This is a critical issue for an economy that is reliant on exporting natural resources including fossil fuels.

The strong reputation of Australia’s educational system, is increasingly being offset by flat scores for a lack of leadership in science and technology. Australia enjoys an enviable reputation across several soft power attributes. It continues to perform well across its traditional strengths and has achieved a well-deserved top 10 ranking. The challenge is to leverage its soft power to ensure it is well placed to take advantage of a world in transition.

About the Author

Mark Crowe
Managing Director

Mark Crowe is the Managing Director of Brand Finance Australia Pty Ltd. Mark brings to the role a keen focus and knowledge in Marketing Accountability and Effectiveness. He is a strong advocate for promoting the role of marketing based assets as the key source of value creation in business. Mark’s previous role was CEO of the Australian Marketing Institute. He has extensive senior management and board director experience across the professional services, education, food, hospitality and sporting industries.

Mark has contributed to numerous business and marketing publications including The Role of Marketing in the Boardroom and What Value Marketing. Mark is a Certified Practising Marketer and a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and a Certificate in Strategic Marketing Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.