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PureHealth: Driving the UAE’s development into a global healthcare hub

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30 April 2024

PureHealth Group, the Middle East’s largest integrated healthcare platform, is a new entrant in the Middle East 150 2024 with a total portfolio value of USD2.04 billion split between its various sub-brands as well as the PureHealth brand itself.

2023 was a transformative year for PureHealth, in which it posted 31% revenue growth, as well as completing its initial public offering on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange. The Group has also made a number of international acquisitions, including a stake in US-based Ardent Health Services, the USA’s 4th largest private healthcare group, and a buyout of the UK’s largest private healthcare group, Circle Health Group.

PureHealth and three of its subsidiaries, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and Daman were also included amongst the most valuable brands in the Middle East.

Interview with Shaista Asif

Shaista Asif, Group CEO, PureHealth

What is PureHealth’s brand purpose / vision?

Founded in 2006, PureHealth has grown to become the largest integrated healthcare platform in the Middle East. The Group includes an extensive global network of over 400 hospitals and clinics, health insurance, diagnostic centres, pharmacies, and advanced health technology platforms.

PureHealth has created a platform in the region that has never been seen before, redefining how healthcare is delivered by vertically integrating and becoming a payer, all within the same group. The vision seeks to enhance human potential and quality of life by advancing the science of longevity, expanding both lifespan and health span.

PureHealth is leading the transition from reactive to proactive care, addressing the problem of sick care, influencing longevity, and spearheading healthcare evolution both in the UAE and globally.

We believe the most valuable commodity humans have is time, and we are on a mission to give people more time by extending their lifespan

To further enhance global leadership in healthcare, PureHealth is deeply committed to improving access to care, ensuring quality healthcare is accessible, and working towards democratising healthcare.

What would you consider as the defining moments or milestones in building and strengthening the PureHealth business and brand?  

PureHealth was established in 2006 and has played a major part in the development of the UAE’s healthcare industry. PureHealth’s leading role in the response to COVID-19, marked a pivotal change for the Group, through its ability to coordinate across entities for a unified response to provide support to the government and safety to the population.

In the UAE, PureHealth stands out as the only integrated healthcare player, exemplifying synergy among its entities. This includes the significant acquisition of the region’s largest healthcare complex, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in Abu Dhabi, enabling PureHealth to offer comprehensive solutions and enhance patient care across the region.

Internationally, PureHealth has expanded by acquiring a stake in the USA’s fourth-largest private healthcare player, which operates over 25 hospitals across six states. Additionally, it has purchased the UK’s largest private hospital network, comprising more than 50 hospitals throughout the UK.

A significant milestone was reached in December 2023 when PureHealth went public on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, raising USD 986 million. The IPO saw an oversubscription by 483 times, a testament to the perception of the brand as a national leader by the local investor community.

PureHealth’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by being the only healthcare network in the region to join the United Nations Race to Zero campaign. Initiatives such as launching PureHeroes, the region's largest healthcare volunteering platform, and the Emirati Women’s Chapter, which promotes gender diversity and women's leadership, are central to the Group’s impact on local communities. On the innovation front, PureHealth is leading the way with an extensive number of clinical trials currently underway at its Abu Dhabi Innovation Centre. It has pioneered the region’s first stem cell transplant and is developing the UAE’s first CAR-T cells.

Which trends will be most important in the healthcare industry over the next 10 years and how can brands navigate and / or capitalise on those?

The world is currently experiencing a demographic shift towards an aging population, a trend that is expected to continue. PureHealth is playing a pivotal role by focusing on enhancing healthy aging, longevity, and healthspan, we view healthcare not merely as confined within the four walls of a hospital but as a crucial socio-economic factor for nations and communities. Our approach emphasises the importance of longevity, acknowledging that it requires comprehensive strategies that extend beyond traditional healthcare. Key enablers include technological advancements and the development of public policies that support the health and well-being of the aging population, ensuring they lead longer, healthier lives.

The healthcare industry is also undergoing a transformation, defined by a strategic adoption of technological innovations alongside a dedication to addressing health equity and demographic shifts. At the core of this transformation is the integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. These technologies, while significant, serve as enablers rather than the focal point, enhancing care delivery, diagnostic accuracy, and patient experience.

PureHealth is committed to reducing disparities in healthcare access and outcomes among various social and economic groups, with health equity being a central pillar of its mission. The focus extends beyond immediate health solutions to fostering a long-term vision for enhancing quality of life and promoting healthy longevity. Investments in digital health platforms are crucial for digitising the patient journey and providing personalised care, thereby reducing system friction and increasing accessibility. These strategies encompass not just technological advancements but also human development and public policy reforms. PureHealth is poised to export its best practices globally, enhancing its impact and extending its reach. By doing so, PureHealth not only addresses immediate health needs but also contributes significantly to a broader, sustainable vision for global health advancement.

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