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Saudia's Ascent: Redefining Saudi Aviation Excellence

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28 March 2024

Over the past year, Saudia has grown its brand value and strength by expanding its global route network and enhancing the passenger experience. The airline brand plays a pivotal role in supporting Saudi Arabia's economic transformation and Vision 2030 goals by boosting tourism and business connectivity. With a potential future rebrand, Saudia aims to strengthen its brand equity by reflecting Saudi cultural identity, and showcasing its commitment to progressiveness and innovation. Read more about the brand's journey in a new brand spotlight with Khaled Tash Chief Marketing Officer at Saudia.

Interview with Khaled Tash

Khaled Tash
Chief Marketing Officer,

What would you consider the defining moments and milestones in building the Saudia brand over the last year?

Over the past year, Saudia has experienced several defining moments and milestones in building its brand. Some key highlights include:

• Expansion of Route Network: Saudia has continued to expand its route network, connecting Saudi Arabia with key destinations worldwide. This expansion not only increases accessibility for travellers but also strengthens Saudia’s position as a global airline.

• Enhanced Customer Experience: Saudia has focused on enhancing the customer experience through improved services, amenities, and digital offerings. This includes initiatives such as upgraded inflight entertainment systems, enhanced cabin amenities, and a digital-led streamlined booking processes.

How do you see Saudia contributing to Saudi Arabia's economic transformation and towards Vision 2030?

Saudia plays a crucial role in Saudi Arabia's economic transformation and the realization of Vision 2030 in several ways:

• Tourism Promotion: As Saudi Arabia aims to diversify its economy and reduce reliance on oil, tourism has emerged as a key sector for growth. Saudia's extensive route network and commitment to providing exceptional hospitality contribute to attracting international tourists and pilgrims to the kingdom, thereby boosting the tourism sector's growth.

• Business Connectivity: Saudia facilitates business connectivity by providing reliable air transportation services within the region and globally. This connectivity fosters international trade, investment, and business partnerships, supporting Saudi Arabia's economic goals.

How does Saudia plan to leverage a potential future rebrand to enhance brand strength and further align with its future goals and objectives?

Saudia leveraged the opportunity to enhance its brand strength and align more closely with its future goals and objectives by:

• Reflecting Cultural Identity: Saudia incorporated elements of Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage and geographic diversity into its branding to create a deeper connection with passengers and stakeholders. This is most apparent with storytelling, and experiences that celebrate the kingdom's values.

• Communicating Progressiveness: Saudia emphasized commitment to progressiveness and innovation, aligning with Vision 2030's ambition for a modern and diversified economy.

• Fostering Engagement: Saudia can focus on building emotional engagement with its audience by conveying a sense of warmth, hospitality, and pride in Saudi Arabia's achievements. This was achieved through authentic representation of the brand, personalized experiences, and community engagement initiatives.

• By strategically leveraging the rebrand, Saudia has strengthened its brand equity, enhanced customer loyalty, and contributed to the realization of its long-term strategic objectives.

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