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United Arab Emirates: Breaking the Western monopoly

Andrew Campbell
19 October 2021

The United Arab Emirates has been named the world’s 11th strongest nation brand, now ranking above the United States and the United Kingdom, among others.

Andrew Campbell, Managing Director,
Brand Finance Middle East
Andrew Campbell, Managing Director,
Brand Finance Middle East

Breaking the Western monopoly at the top of the brand strength ranking – along with Singapore in 4th position – the UAE has climbed three spots since last year following a 2.5-point increase in its Brand Strength Index (BSI) score to 79.1 out of 100.

Brand Finance determines the relative strength of nation brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating brand investment, brand equity, and brand performance. The nation brand strength methodology includes the results of the Global Soft Power Index – the world’s most comprehensive research study on nation brand perceptions, surveying opinions of over 75,000 people based in more than 100 countries.

Overseas perceptions of the UAE’s prowess in the Education & Science pillar are high, and the successful Emirates Mars Mission is clearly a factor. The UAE also stands out for its COVID-19 response, and scores high for the Influence and Business & Trade pillars, both of which should see a further boost from Expo 2020 inaugurated in Dubai this month.

The UAE has also improved its position in the nation brand value ranking, claiming 17th position, compared to 18th last year, following an impressive 11% increase in nation brand value to US$749 billion. The UAE’s continued increases in brand strength and value are testament to the nation’s strategy of diversifying its economy for long-term growth and solidify its position as the foremost nation brand in the Middle East.

The nation’s performance in both brand strength and brand value clearly demonstrates that the UAE punches well above its weight and challenges the Western status quo in the ranking. As the UAE celebrates its Golden Jubilee year, it continues to fly the flag high, promoting the nation’s achievements across the world through ground-breaking initiatives like the Emirates Mars Mission and serving as the gateway to the region by hosting the world for 182 days at Expo 2020.

Andrew Campbell, Brand Finance quote about the United Arab Emirates and their nation brand streght.
Andrew Campbell, Brand Finance MiddleEast discusses why the United Arab Emirates is the foremost nation brand in the region

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Andrew Campbell
Managing Director
Middle East

Andrew Campbell qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG before working in financial management in international real estate, and subsequently in corporate finance.He has been based in the Middle East for 20 years, initially as CFO of Mobile Telecommunications Company (Zain) in Kuwait, before taking responsibility for marketing and corporate strategy as Zain expanded from a single-operator mobile company into a regional telecommunications powerhouse.He subsequently worked for Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat) in the UAE, with responsibility for sales, marketing and strategy and with Etisalat Group where he was responsible for the marketing strategy and operational performance of fixed and mobile operations in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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