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The Business Of Trust


In India, the Tatas always enjoyed the consumer’s trust and the challenge was to build businesses. Outside India, it has bought the businesses and the challenge is to build trust , the Tata trust By Kala Vijayraghavan read more

In The Name Of The Family


Several Indian business houses have woken up to the huge value of family brands built over generations of trust and goodwill. They are now working hard to develop brands as sustainable asset for generations to come By Bhanu Pande read more

When Brands Unlock Value


By Lijee Philip & Kala Vijayraghavan Tata Motors' experience in the acquisition of JaguarLandRover offers many lessons on how the hidden, intangible value of a brand can be unlocked into tangible financial benefits   read more

Brand Slams


India's 50 most valuable corporate brands increased their combined brand value by $9 billion in 2010 with the biggest, Tata Motors, alone accounting for almost two-thirds of it. Other business groups are now looking for ways to take good… read more

A Robust Year For Insurance Brands


Despite the ongoing disruption in the financial services sector, the brand value of insurers has seen a healthy increase. Results and looks at the opportunities for the coming year By James Park         read more

New International Standard on Brand Valuation


In 2007 the International Organization for Standardization (‘ISO’), a worldwide federation of national standard setting bodies, set up a task force to draft an International Standard (‘IS’) on monetary brand… read more

BP's Brand Value Sinks Dramatically


Brand Finance Plc, the world‟s leading brand valuation consultancy , estimates that the fallout from the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig has caused BP‟s brand value to plummet by $7.4bn, representing a 61% fall (or £72m per… read more

A Brand New Day - ISO 10668


An upcoming ISO standard is expected to help pave way for more transparent  and  robust  valuation of corporate and consumer brands By Raymond Ma To read the full article, please press here read more

British Brand Power Still Has Strength In Depth


This year’s Brand Finance list of the 50 most valuable brands of British origin reveals the value of the brand name to the companies’ bottom lines. The list spells out which brands are still suffering from the recession and which… read more

Do Brands Really Matter To Shareholders?


While a strong brand in a company's portfolio not only guarantees an excellent return on its share, it also helps in minimising the investment risk. However logical this might sound, the fact is that a majority of shareholders globally are… read more

Brand valuation: what it means and why it matters


Over recent years, intangible assets have become more important to businesses operating in a wide variety of industries. This in turn has put a premium on being able to come up with credible ways to value brands. David Haigh and Jonathan… read more

Value creation through brands


Across a wide range of industry sectors, it is companies that are adept at developing and managing brand and intangible asset value that reap sustainable and superior rewards. Contrary to conventional orthodoxies, these potent business… read more

Unni Krishnan, MD Brand Finance India, on


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is caught in the midst of a storm with dark clouds hovering over team ownership issues, sources of funding, corruption and match-fixing charges. Lalit Modi , the architect of the IPL, is being accused of… read more

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