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City Nation Place

City Nation Place provides a forum for cities, nations and places to collaborate and share best practice on place branding and place marketing strategies in order to generate sustainable tourism and economic development, build cohesive communities, and encourage global cooperation.

The first City Nation Place Global conference was launched in London in 2015 and is now an established, must-attend, annual event for engaged decision-makers from around the world who are actively involved in developing and implementing place brand strategy for their city, region, nation, or place.

The Americas conference launched in 2017, in partnership with Resonance Consultancy. This annual event now brings together the leadership teams of municipality, city and state marketing boards, DMOs, CVBs, and EDOs across the USA and Canada, who are keen to increase economic opportunities by taking a forward-thinking, collaborative approach with all stakeholders engaged in placemaking and place story-telling to attract talent, tourism, and investment.

City Nation Place has also organised events in Asia [Singapore], Latin America [Costa Rica] and in the UK for a specifically UK audience, and is actively engaged in the process of developing more opportunities around the world.

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