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AMD Named World’s Fastest-Growing Semiconductor Brand of 2022

17 February 2022
This article is more than 1 year old.
  • AMD is identified as world’s fastest-growing semiconductor brand in new report by valuation consultancy Brand Finance, brand value up 122% year on year
  • In addition, AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su is highest-ranked female chief executive in Brand Guardianship Index 2022 of world’s top 250 CEOs, claiming 10th place overall
  • Intel tops Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022 ranking as industry’s most valuable brand globally, with brand value of over US$25 billion
  • US semiconductor brands dominate ranking claiming 7 out of top 10 spots
  • Nvidia is strongest semiconductor brand with AAA- rating, overtaking competitors

View the full Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022 report here

AMD has been named the fastest-growing semiconductor brand of 2022, according to the latest report by leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance. The brand has seen an impressive growth of 122% over the past year to US$6.1 billion, up from US$2.7 billion in 2021.

Every year, Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the biggest brands to the test, and publishes nearly 100 reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries. For the first time, the world’s top 20 most valuable and strongest semiconductor brands are included in a separate industry ranking – the Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022.

AMD has seen the highest rate of growth among the world’s top 20 semiconductor brands included in the ranking, more than doubling in brand value in just a year. When considering a broader two-year timeframe, AMD’s brand value has increased by an eyewatering 318%. This growth can be attributed to the company’s leadership in high-performance products powering cloud services, data centers, PCs, and game consoles.  

The Chair and CEO of the semiconductor industry’s star performer, Dr. Lisa Su has also been recognized in the Brand Finance Brand Guardianship Index 2022 as the highest ranked woman, claiming 10th place overall. The Index ranks the world’s top 250 chief executives according to how well they manage and grow their company’s brand. The ranking is informed by the results of an original survey of over 1,000 market analysts and journalists. Dr. Su’s leadership of a tech company is unfortunately a rarity, with most being run by male CEOs. This is reflected in the ranking, with only five female CEOs in the top 100.

David Haigh, Chairman & CEO of Brand Finance, commented:

“Ultimately, the role of a brand guardian is to build brand and business value. Our ranking recognizes those who are building business value in a sustainable manner, by balancing the needs of all stakeholders – employees, investors, and the wider society.”

Intel ranks #1 in the semiconductor sector

Although AMD has seen the highest rate of growth among the top 20 semiconductor brands included in the ranking, Intel ranks as the industry’s most valuable brand globally, with a brand value of US$25.6 billion. The brand has recorded a drop in value of 20% since last year due to market share losses to competitors and with operations impacted by supply chain issues, lost contracts, and delay in the manufacturing of the next generation chips. Although there have been setbacks induced by the pandemic, Intel newly released its 12th generation processor series Alder Lake which aims to achieve better performance for high intensity tasks such as gaming and video editing, which should prevent further erosion in market share going forward.

US brands dominate semiconductor ranking with 7 out of the top 10

Despite the pandemic, the semiconductor industry has set a new annual record for sales by increasing production and distribution globally. The ranking includes seven American semiconductor brands in the top 10 alone: Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Micron Technology, AMD, and Texas Instruments.

In 2021, unit production of semiconductors has doubled since the previous year and is expecting growth to fulfil demands to execute chip needs for new innovations in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and 5G smartphones. The US government has proposed to devote a budget of US$50 billion towards semiconductor investment and research to promote domestic manufacturing as a priority.

Lorenzo Coruzzi, Associate, Brand Finance, commented:

The semiconductor industry has created a tremendous, lasting impact on society and our daily lives. As technology advances, there is a rising demand from different sectors such as automotive brands that manufacture electric vehicles which drive market demand significantly. The semiconductor market is expected to grow substantially owing to the rising investment by the market players to expand the sector.”

Nvidia shines as the strongest semiconductor brand

Apart from calculating brand value, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard of metrics evaluating marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Certified by ISO 20671, Brand Finance’s assessment of stakeholder equity incorporates original market research data from over 100,000 respondents in more than 35 countries and across nearly 30 sectors.

Although Intel is the industry’s most valuable brand, a fellow American brand Nvidia is the strongest semiconductor brand in the world with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 83.6 out of 100. As an expert in the field of AI chips and graphics, Nvidia has forecasted a boost in revenue after Facebook’s rebrand to Meta with the aim of supporting applications by creating a virtual reality metaverse.

View the full Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022 report here

Note to Editors

Every year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the biggest brands to the test, and publishes nearly 100 reports, ranking brands across all sectors and countries. The world’s top 20 most valuable and strongest semiconductor brands are included in the inaugural Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022 ranking.

Brand value is understood as the net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market. Brand strength is the efficacy of a brand’s performance on intangible measures relative to its competitors.

The full ranking, additional insights, charts, more information about the methodology, and definitions of key terms are available in the Brand Finance Semiconductors 20 2022 ranking.

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