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Muhterem Ilgüner

Managing Director, Turkey

Muhterem İlgüner is Turkey’s most prominent brand strategist and practitioner and has pioneered the introduction of brand naming, place branding and brand valuation exercises to Turkey.   He established Brand Finance Turkey in 2007, and since then has managed the Turkey 100 ranking and report as well as the Metropol Turkey 30, our study of the most valuable and strongest metropol city brands of Turkey, first launched in 2019. Muhterem İlgüner has spoken in over 30 cities on the subject of branding as well as making multiple TV interview appearances. His articles have been published across a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. He has written 5 books in his field of interest: Marka Yaratma ve Yaşatmanın Altın Kuralları (2005); Marka Şehir (2011); Marka Değeri (2013); Derinliğine Marka  (2015); and Değer Yaratmak (2019).

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