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Brand Scorecard Tracking

What we do.

Brand Scorecard Tracking enables you to track your brand(s) performance overtime. Using our linkage model framework to understand the value chain through from marketing levers, to brand equity, to branded business value, we help you audit your current brand tracking programme and create bespoke solutions to help upward reporting and downward brand management.

Who we work for.

Sprint - Brand Scorecard Tracking

Sprint, an American telecommunications holding company, commissioned Brand Finance to conduct a brand valuation and brand tracking exercise to develop a brand scorecard for use across Sprint’s business divisions. The model and scorecard covered Sprint’s wireline and wireless businesses. The brand scorecard used four indicators: perceptual measures; performance measures; customer measure; and value measure. The combined toolkit was used to evaluate the success of existing marketing initiatives and to aid decision-making on future marketing investment. Brand Finance subsequently taught Sprint how to use and apply the scorecards effectively.

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