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We help you maximise your earnings as well as improve your brand presence and understanding by identifying the best opportunities for licensing and franchising. After creating and evaluating different business models, we help you ensure the best returns while enabling trouble free contracts and fair charge rates for both parties.

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Al Sharq Investment - Franchising & Licensing Strategy

Al Sharq investment, a Saudi Arabia-based investment company, was developing a 102 story tower in Dubai. A preliminary agreement had been reached with Porsche Design whereby the tower would be branded with the luxury Porsche Design brand. Brand Finance reviewed the legal agreements to highlight key commercial issues, reviewed and developed the financial model to provide scenarios on alternative remuneration terms and researched the Dubai property market to understand the risks and possible uplift effects from the Porsche license. This resulted in reduced fixed upfront fees, the identification of new revenue streams for both parties and the possibility of increased upside royalties for Porsche.

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