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Brand Alcaraz, a winning shot for sponsors

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Cristina Campos
21 July 2023

The brand of Carlos Alcaraz is on the rise. The association of this talented Spanish tennis player with prestigious brands has the potential to boost their value. Currently ranked world No. 1 and the recent Wimbledon champion, Alcaraz has seven sponsors, including Nike (brand value €30.2 bn), Babolat, BMW (brand value €30.9 bn), Rolex (brand value €10.3 bn), Calvin Klein (brand value €1.9 bn) and, most recently, Louis Vuitton (brand value €25.3 bn).

This recent success has not only elevated Alcaraz's personal status but has also likely positively impacted the value of his sponsors. His Wimbledon victory and growing popularity are likely to further increase his worth as a brand ambassador, making him one of the most sought-after athletes in the sponsorship market.

Tennis is particularly valuable in Alcaraz’s home market, as the second most popular sport in Spain, with 38% of the population following the sport. Only football, with 58% of fans, is more popular. In fact, according to Brand Finance studies, only Romania (51%) and India (43%) have a higher proportion of people interested in tennis.

The success of Marca Alcaraz is a win-win for both the tennis player and his sponsors. Alcaraz appears to be serving as an exceptional brand ambassador in his sponsors, and they have found a valuable asset in him.

Congratulations to the talented Spanish tennis player and to the careful and strategic management of his sponsors!

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Cristina Campos
Communications Director - Southern Europe & Latin America
Brand Finance

Especialista en Reputación, Marketing, Comunicación Corporativa, Posicionamiento de Marca, Gestión de Crisis de Comunicación y Customer Experience. Con un perfil profesional global y transversal a varias áreas funcionales gracias a su experiencia de más de 15 años gestionando equipos de Marketing y Comunicación (Interna y Externa) y haber formado parte de compañías de diversos sectores de actividad pública y privada así como consultoría, Cristina es Directora de Comunicación en Brand Finance y Managing Director de Brand Dialogue España.

Durante su etapa en el sector privado fue responsable de las áreas de Comunicación interna y externa de Línea Directa Aseguradora y, directora de Marketing y RSC de Grupo IGSA durante su etapa internacional en México. En el sector consultoría desde 2014, Cristina estuvo al frente de Clientship España profundizando en el conocimiento del consumidor, las tendencias de consumo y nuevos hábitos por sectores. En ATREVIA, como responsable del departamento de Posicionamiento de Marca (empresarial y personal) ha participado en importantes proyectos de Reputación y Gestión de Crisis de Comunicación desde la definición e implementación de estrategias y planes tácticos hasta su posterior evaluación, seguimiento de impacto e implementación de planes de recuperación o reposicionamiento posterior.

Cristina is a specialist in Reputation, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Brand Positioning, Crisis Management, and Customer Experience. Cristina has a well-rounded professional profile in Communications and Marketing, with over 15 years experience across the public, private, and consulting sector. Cristina currently works as the Communications Director for Brand Finance and Managing Director of Brand Dialogue Spain.

In the private sector, she was responsible for the internal and external communication areas of Línea Directa and, director of Marketing and CSR of Grupo IGSA during her international period in Mexico. In the consulting sector since 2014, Cristina was at the forefront of Clientship Spain, deepening consumer knowledge, consumer trends and new habits by sector. At ATREVIA, as head of the Brand Positioning department (business and personal), she has participated in important Communication Crisis Reputation and Management projects from the definition and implementation of tactical strategies and plans to their subsequent evaluation, impact monitoring and implementation of recovery or subsequent repositioning plans.