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Brand Finance hosts the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Brand Evaluation (ISO/TC 289)

Michael Josem
28 June 2024

On 18 and 19 June 2024, Brand Finance hosted the ISO Technical Committee on Brand Evaluation (ISO/TC 289) at our London office. This ISO Committee is dedicated to creating global standards for assessing brand value.

In our globalised economy, strong brands not only represent a company’s reputation but also reflect a nation's image. Effective brand evaluation is essential for businesses and countries to remain competitive.

The work of ISO/TC 289 is crucial for the development of consistent and fair brand valuation methods globally. These standards help businesses and nations enhance their competitiveness, ensure sustainable growth, and add value for all stakeholders involved.

David Haigh, ISO/TC 289 Chairman

ISO/TC 289 Formation and Leadership

In August 2013, China and the United States made a proposal to the ISO to establish this committee. Officially approved on January 8, 2014, ISO/TC 289 aims to create fair, scientific brand evaluation standards recognised worldwide. The China Council for Brand Development (CCBD) serves as its secretariat.

Key leaders include:

First Chairman: Professor Bobby from Northwestern University (2014-2021)

Second Chairman: David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance (2022-2027)

Chairman of Advisory Group: Liu Pingjun, Chairman of CCBD


ISO/TC 289 includes 10 participating member countries and 26 observing member countries. They meet regularly to develop and refine brand evaluation standards, holding meetings in various international locations, with some recent meetings conducted online.


ISO/TC 289 aims to:

  • Share global research and practical experiences in brand evaluation.
  • Help businesses manage their brands more effectively.
  • Support the sustainable development of organisations.
  • Increase value for consumers and stakeholders.
  • Standardise brand evaluation practices globally.
  • Promote international trade by establishing unified brand evaluation standards.

Working Groups

The committee operates through several specialised groups:

  • Chair's Advisory Group (CAG): Led by Liu Pingjun.
  • Joint Working Group (JWG 4): Focuses on brand evaluation for tourism cities, led by Tienan Li.
  • Task Group (TG 1): Manages communications, led by Erich Decker-Hoppen.
  • Working Group 1 (WG 1): Develops brand evaluation processes, led by Gerhard Hrebicek.
  • Working Group 2 (WG 2): Implements guidelines, led by Claudio Barella.
  • Working Group 3 (WG 3): Reviews ISO 10668, led by David Haigh.

Published Standards

ISO/TC 289 has released several key standards:

  • ISO 10668:2010 - Monetary brand valuation requirements.
  • ISO 20671-1:2021 - Principles and fundamentals of brand evaluation.
  • ISO 20671-2:2023 - Implementation and reporting for brand evaluation.
  • ISO 20671-3:2023 - Requirements and recommendations for brands related to geographical indications.
  • ISO/DIS 11778 - Brand evaluation for tourism cities (in development).

These standards provide a comprehensive framework for businesses to assess and enhance their brand value systematically.

About the Author

Michael Josem
Communications Director
Brand Finance

Michael manages the promotion of Brand Finance’s rankings of the world’s most valuable brands. He has almost two decades of experience as a communications leader working across various high-tech, public policy and financial online industries.