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Capgemini: Unlocking Business Value Through Strategic Partnerships and Sustainability Focus

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04 April 2024
Virginie Regis,
Chief Communications and Marketing

Capgemini’s brand growth has been very strong over the past 5 years. How do you explain it?

It is related to the evolution of Capgemini as business, first. Across these past years, we have deeply transformed to become strategic partner to our clients, focusing on delivering business value. We made a major acquisition, with Altran in 2020, shifting our positioning to be able to unlock the value of technology both in the digital and the physical world. As a result, our perception has evolved, and we are no longer perceived as an IT service player, but truly as business and technology transformation partner. Our brand has supported and mirrored this evolution of our business. We started with a transformation of our visual identity, as a marker of our 50 years, in 2017, then launched a new positioning and brand signature, “Get the future you want”, that was a strong signal on the market, in 2020.

From a marketing perspective we have also made strategic choices, focused on establishing our brand around key topics for our business, such as sustainability, Data and AI/Gen-AI, but also Intelligent Industry, our approach to the convergence of digital and physical.

What role do you hope Capgemini can play in terms of sustainability and the climate change challenge?

We intend to play a key role on this topic, as a partner to our clients, and from our own company perspective. With our clients, we have a commitment to help them save 10m tons of CO2 eq. by 2030. From shaping their sustainability strategy and governance, to re-engineering their operations, and supply chain, we work with leading companies on their sustainable journey.

So many of our projects are driven by a sustainable agenda. And they are so varied! For instance, we have developed sustainable packaging for a European food retailer, with an objective of 100% recyclable plastic private label packaging by the end of 2025. We have also helped Scottish Water transform wastewater treatment through remote monitoring and data-driven insight to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Another example is our fantastic solution for real time resource management. We have applied it to our own Indian campuses, already reducing our energy usage by 29%.

Collaboration and partnerships have become crucial elements in today's interconnected world. How has Capgemini fostered strategic alliances, and what role have these partnerships played in driving brand value growth?

For us, sports sponsorships have been strategic. We have developed over the past couple of years a number of strong partnerships with major sports (World Rugby, Ryder Cup 2023, America’s Cup37).

Beyond the increased visibility that these competitions have given us, what matters to us is how we can help transform these various sports through technology. With World Rugby we ensured that all tech systems were integrated, and that staff, broadcasters, teams, had access in real time to the data they needed, across a 2 month tournament and 48 matches. We are also coaching the current and next generation of female leaders in the world of rugby to fulfil their potential and create further parity across the game. With Ryder Cup we developed a game-changing AI based data platform that helped the winning team take live, data-driven decisions on the course, to optimise match pairings and team sequencing strategy.

Being an active sponsor of major global sport events is an accessible and compelling way to talk to our clients, prospects, potential talent about our capabilities and the real value we can bring. It’s a powerful way to show who we are as a company and as a partner. It is the power of storytelling and experience driving brand growth.

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