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Why Brands Matter 2022

Annie Brown
13 October 2022

For over a quarter of a century, Brand Finance has helped clients to understand the value of brands. Our global team study thousands of brands each year, and this experience has helped us to understand the key attributes of successful brands and other intangible assets to deliver financial results.

This new research is further evidence of the importance of maintaining brand strength, provides new insights from our latest analysis of a range of studies, and underlines the critical role brands play in the economy. The report considers how brands perform
in times of crisis and in recovery; how brands deliver stability and reduce risk; how brands restart economies and build consumer confidence; how brands improve national competitiveness and above all, how strong brands outperform their competitors to earn more money for brand owners.

We also look at some of the building blocks of strong brands and outline the role that familiarity and consideration play in developing that strength and how these factors can help to explain and predict market share.

We hope this research provides both inspiration and practical benefit to marketers and their agencies as they move forward to a post pandemic era.

About the Author

Annie Brown
General Manager
Brand Finance

Annie is a qualified management accountant and has worked on Brand and Business valuation projects serving global clients, including Barclays and Shell. She is experienced across of variety of services including brand licensing, research analytics, rebrand uplift and balance sheet valuation. Annie heads up various studies at Brand Finance, including the annual Global Intangible Finance Tracker (GIFT™) and the Brand Guardianship Index. In addition, Annie has conducted research and analysis for the Brand Finance brand rankings, specialising in Banking, Retail and Oil & Gas sectors. Annie has served clients worldwide, with a particular focus on the USA and the Middle East. Annie joined Brand Finance as an Analyst in August 2017 after graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a Masters degree in Philosophy and Economics. She has since completed her CIMA professional qualification.