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El Real Madrid se convierte en la marca más poderosa de fútbol


·      Real supera al Barça como la marca más poderosa de clubes de fútbol. ·      Manchester United es la marca más valiosa de fútbol,… read more

Le Real Madrid devient la marque de football la plus puissante


·         Le Real dépasse le Barça comme marque de football la plus puissante ·         Manchester United est la marque de football… read more

Real Madrid wird stärkste Fußball-Marke der Welt


·         Real überholt Barça als stärkste Fußballclub-Marke ·         Manchester United ist die wertvollste… read more

Japan’s Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         Toyota remains Japan’s most valuable brand, rising 7% to a brand value of US$46.3 billion ·         Subaru is Japan’s… read more

KKR is the IPL’s Most Valuable Brand, Despite Missing Out on Title


·         Kolkata Knight Riders is the IPL’s most valuable brand, worth US$58.6 million ·         Mumbai Indians has the most powerful brand… read more

Telkom Indonesia is Nation’s Most Valuable Brand


Total value of Top 100 Indonesian brands in 2017 has increased to US$32.4 billion, up 44% from US$22.6 billion in 2016. Telkom Indonesia retains the #1 Most Valuable Indonesia Brand for 2017 however it’s brand strength remains… read more

The Netherlands’ Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         Shell remains unchallenged at the top, rising 12% to a brand value of ‎€32.7 billion ·         Improving revenues and diverse… read more

Lego Brand Value Grows 68% in a Year


·         Lego, Denmark’s most valuable brand, grows 68% to US$7.6 billion ·         Pandora’s value is up 42% to US$2.9 billion due to… read more

Sweden’s Most Valuable Brands Revealed


·         IKEA grows 42% in brand value to US$24 billion ·         H&M is second following 24% increase to US$19 billion… read more

Tata’s Value is Down but India’s Brands are On the Up


·         Tata brand value down 4% but Natarajan Chandrasekaran is steadying the ship ·         Over half of India’s 100 most valuable brands… read more

Nokia Brand Bounces Back


·         Finland’s strongest and most valuable brand grows 56% to €4.4billion ·         Kone defends second place with brand value of… read more

Norwegian Takes Off: Airline is Nation’s Fastest Growing Brand


·         Norwegian grows 78% in brand value to US$853 million ·         Statoil, the Norway’s most valuable brand, has a value of US$7.6… read more

Time is Ticking for the Swiss Watch Brands


Every year, leading valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance values the brands of thousands of the world’s biggest companies. The 50 most valuable Swiss brands are included in the Brand Finance Switzerland 50. The falling brand… read more

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