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China leading the world: TikTok is fastest-growing brand as Chinese brands look to future
TikTok/Douyin achieves explosive growth, leading the nation and world in brand value growth ICBC is China’s most valuable brand at over US$75 billion Increased investment is correlated with increased State Grid brand value growing past US$60 billion BYD brand value … read more
Non-alcoholic drinks brands are sparkling as the world looks to post-COVID future
Coca-Cola is the most valuable brand globally in the non-alcoholic drinks sector at US$35.4 billion   Coca Cola is also the strongest non-alcoholic drink brand with elite AAA+ rating Pepsi remains in second place in both brand value and brand strength … read more
Food brand values return to pre-pandemic levels  
Nestlé retains position as world’s most valuable food brand, valued at US$20.8 billion dollars Yili and Lays increase in brand value (top 3) Hershey’s is the world’s strongest food brand Belvita is the world’s fastest growing food brand (just ahead … read more
Malaysian brands return to growth after COVID as Petronas remains on top
Petronas remains Malaysia's most valuable brand for 12th consecutive year Genting rises to second place, overtaking Maybank Maybank is Malaysia's strongest brand with AAA ranking Affin Bank, Top Glove and Genting are the fastest growing brands in Malaysia Mah Sing … read more
Trio of Bank Brands Lead as Most Valuable Singaporean Brands
DBS retains position as most valuable Singaporean brand at US$8.7 billion UOB (up 23%) overtakes OCBC Bank (up 5%) to become second most valuable Singaporean brand Singtel retains AAA rating and is strongest Singaporean brand UOBKayHian more than doubles in … read more
UPS is Most Valuable Logistics Brand in the World
UPS retains position as most valuable logistics brand; brand value up by 28% to US$38.5 billion Delivery Hero and Just Eat Takeaway are the fastest growing brands since the beginning of the pandemic Railway companies BSNF and Canadian National lose … read more
Wine and champagne brands pop the corks as brand values grow in post-COVID world
Moët & Chandon is the most valuable wine and champagne brand in the world, valued at US$1.4 billion Moët & Chandon is also the strongest wine and champagne brand with AAA- brand rating Lindeman's achieves brand value growth of 81% … read more
A spirited recovery: Global spirits brands grow in value as post COVID-19 world is in sight
•             Moutai is the most valuable spirits brand in the world, valued at US$42.9 billion •               Wuliangye is the world’s strongest spirits … read more

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