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Gillette Glides Ahead as Strongest Bay Stater Brand
Gillette is Massachusetts’ strongest brand, also ranking within nation’s top 30 strongest brands – BSI score 85 out of 100General Electric remains most valuable Bay State brand, brand value US$18.0 billionThermo Fisher Scientific gains more in brand value than all … read more
Starbucks’ Grind Pays Off as it's Named Most Valuable Restaurant Brand for 5th Consecutive Year
Starbucks has retained top spot as world’s most valuable restaurant brand for 5th consecutive year, brand value US$38.4 billionUS chains dominate ranking, claiming first 8 spots and 20 of the total 25Jack in the Box is fastest growing restaurant brand, … read more
Washington Brands Boast Highest Brand Value in the US
With nearly US$500 billion of brand value located in the state, Washington ranks 3rd nationally behind only California and New York, according to the latest ranking of top 500 American brandsWhile Washington contributes only 9 brands to the top 500, … read more
UPS Delivers 7th Consecutive Year as World’s Most Valuable Logistics Brand
UPS has continued its unbroken reign as world’s most valuable logistics brand, brand value US$30.1 billionUber has seen surging brand value, up 34% to US$20.5 billionSF Express is fastest growing brand in Brand Finance Logistics 25 2021 ranking up impressive … read more
México, Brasil y Argentina, los tres países más influyentes de Latinoamérica según Brand Finance
Hillary Clinton participó en la presentación del informe Soft Power de Brand Finance En las empresas como en las naciones, Reputación, Buen Gobierno y respuesta eficaz al Covid-19 son la clave para liderar en Poder Blando  La presencia de Latinoamérica … read more
Mercedes Lacks Horsepower as Toyota Races Ahead Overtaking as World’s Most Valuable Auto Brand
Toyota overtakes Mercedes-Benz claiming pole position as world’s most valuable automobile brand, brand value US$59.5 billionIndia’s Maruti Suzuki is Asia’s strongest automobile brand, Brand Strength Index (BSI) score 88.2 out of 100  As new technologies drive brand value across industries, … read more
Die 100 wertvollsten Automarken weltweit 2021 - Brand Finance Auto 100 2021
Den vollständigen Report finden Sie hier, auf der Website von Brand Finance. • Die Situation der Autobranche weltweit • Deutschland - Autoland Nr. 1 • VW festigt Platz 3 • Motorräder, Komponenten, Mietwagen … Die weltweite Situation der Autobranche Ein … read more
ADNOC is UAE’s Most Valuable Brand
Etisalat is UAE’s Strongest Brand Overtaking Emirates for First Time ADNOC is UAE’s most valuable brand in Brand Finance UAE 25 2021 ranking, brand value US$10.8 billionEtisalat overtakes Emirates to become UAE’s strongest brand for first time, Brand Strength Index … read more

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