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Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Finance

Brand Finance is the world's leading brand valuation consultancy. We have helped thousands of companies understand the financial value of their brands and use that information to drive strategic decision making.

Recognised as the pre-eminent brand valuation firm, our database of metrics is used widely by financial institutions, non-governmental agencies and academics. We are the first company to be accredited with both ISO 10668: Brand Valuation and ISO 20671: Brand Evaluation, and our team sets the highest standard for expertise and rigour when conducting brand valuations.

We Work With Brands of All Kinds

Why Clients Work With Us


We are not part of a large agency group and provide unbiased opinions when conducting evaluations and valuations.

25 Years of Experience

Connecting brands to the bottom line since 1996, we have completed over 2,000 projects across all sectors and countries.

Technical Credibility

We are a regulated accountancy firm, leading the standardisation of the brand valuation industry. We are compliant with ISO 10668 and 20671.


In our public studies and when we work with clients, there are no black boxes. If you have a question, we will answer it.

5,000+ Valuations Annually

Every year, we add more than 5,000 brand valuations, supported by original market research, and nearly 100 reports to our brand value database.

Unique Expertise

Bringing together Chartered Marketers, Chartered Accountants, and Market Research Experts, our teams offer a unique combination of expertise.
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