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Brand Architecture & Portfolio Management

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Brand Architecture and Portfolio Management provides you with business case evidence for portfolio decision making (e.g.; rationalisation or expansion). We work with you and your creative agencies to review, evaluate and refine alternative architecture and portfolio models in order to reduce inefficiencies and effectively access all relevant customer segments.

Who we work for.

Pinar - Brand Architecture

Pinar, a Turkish food and beverages brand, saw its majority market share threatened by specialist and private label brands. Brand Finance carried out an analysis of Pinar's overall portfolio of brands and products. This was followed by an opportunity analysis which compared the different products market attractiveness versus its strategic fit. A scenario model to illustrate the relationships between brand drivers and usage was created to show a potential value to gain and value at risk. The final presentation included recommendations on six different scenarios comprising of brand optimisation, potential brand extensions and brand architecture, which formed a renewed brand strategy that was adopted by the board.

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