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Top German Brands Could Lose Up to €50 Billion of Brand Value from COVID-19


Top 100 most valuable German brands from Brand Finance Germany 100 2020 ranking stand to lose up to 11% of brand value – over €49 billion – following devasting COVID-19 pandemic Mercedes-Benz retains titles of… read more

Cosmetics Brands Likely to Weather COVID-19 Storm


Opportunities for growth within cosmetics industry, which is predicted to suffer only limited loss in brand value from COVID-19, according to latest report by Brand Finance As most valuable, L’Oréal is boosted by digital… read more

To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand? Rebrands Reduce Risk in Acquisitions by More Than 50%


As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs the global economy, there are greater growth opportunities from M&A Brand Finance has conducted a global study on the financial effects of rebrands following M&A – analysing 3,000 deals over 5… read more

Mapfre entre las 100 aseguradoras más valiosas del mundo según Brand Finance


Con un aumento del 14% en el valor de marca, Mapfre es la aseguradora española más valiosa del ranking. Catalana Occidente es la segunda marca que nos representa en el puesto 94. El sector de seguros fuertemente afectado por la… read more

It’s All in the Name: Finlandia Named Finland’s Strongest Brand


Top 25 most valuable Finnish brands from Brand Finance Finland 25 2020 ranking stand to lose up to 11% of brand value following devasting COVID-19 pandemic Nokia retains title of nation’s most valuable brand for 5th consecutive year,… read more

World’s Top 100 Most Valuable Insurance Brands Could Lose up to US$100 Billion from COVID-19


Insurance sector heavily impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, brands could lose up to 20% of brand value, equating to US$100 billion loss Ping An remains by far world’s most valuable insurance brand, brand value US$60.6 billion Chinese… read more

Top Danish Brands Could Lose Up to DKK 35 Billion of Brand Value from COVID-19


Top 50 most valuable Danish brands from Brand Finance Denmark 50 2020 ranking stand to lose up to 12% of brand value – nearly DKK 35 billion – following devasting COVID-19 pandemic Lego retains title of nation’s most… read more



保险行业受COVID-19新冠肺炎疫情大流行的严重影响,整个行业的品牌价值可能损失高达20%,相当于1000亿美元 平安蝉联全球最有价值的保险品牌,品牌价值达606亿美元 中国品牌在最有价值保险品牌十强榜单中占主导地位,其中太平洋保险在十强中价值增长最快,涨幅高达31% Canada Life品牌价值惊人地增长了688%,在“Brand Finance 2020年全球最有价值保险品牌100强”中排名跃升了72位 Poste… read more

Mixed Fortunes Across Tech Sector From COVID-19


Mixed fortunes across tech sector from COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce brands likely to thrive Electronics tech brands account for 27% of total brand value in  Brand Finance Tech 100 2020 ranking Google overtakes Apple in ranking and… read more

Mercadona se une a El Corte Inglés en el ranking de marcas más valiosas del mundo de retail


El Corte Inglés y Mercadona, las dos marcas españolas entre las 50 más valiosas del mundo. Con un 36,4% de incremento, Mercadona está dentro del top 5 de los retailers que más aumentan su valor de marca… read more

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